Destiny 2: Server maintenance scheduled for Thursday 2nd November


Planned downtime will apply Update 1.0.6 to the game, along with a PC-only update.

Bungie has announced a new period of server maintenance for Destiny 2, which will take place this Thursday, 2nd November.

The maintenance is scheduled to begin at 8:00am Pacific Time, which is 3:00pm over here in the UK and 4:00pm in European countries.

Once the maintenance begins, players will no longer be able to log in to Destiny 2. Those already online, however, will have a grace period of one hour to complete their activities, before being booted out of the game at 9:00am.

Update 1.0.6 will be applied to the game around one hour later, along with a hotfix that’s specific to the PC version of Destiny 2.

The period of maintenance is expected to conclude two hours later at 12:00pm Pacific Time. Note, however, that this is subject to change if there are any issues with deployment.

In terms of manageable downtime, Destiny 2 has come a long way since its release at the start of September. The first few weeks of play were plagued by extensive periods of unplanned maintenance, but a reliable pattern of out-of-hours server maintenance seems to have been established.

If there are any changes to the planned downtime – or the work overruns – we’ll update this story.

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