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Destiny 2: The Dawning 2017 guide – start date, armour sets, emotes, weapons and more


Everything we know about the festivities expected to hit Destiny 2 very soon.

Our Destiny 2 Dawning 2017 guide contains details of the start date, armour sets, weapons and emotes that are coming to the game this Christmas.

Destiny 2’s first Christmas event is almost ready to kick off and when it arrives it’ll give the game a thoroughly festive makeover to mark the special season.

We’ve got a slew of exciting things to look forward to, including a Mayhem PVP mode, tonnnes of new cosmetic items and special gifting systems that’ll end in even more loot!

We’ve brought together everything you need to know about The Dawning just below and we’ll continue updating this guide as we get stuck into the content ourselves, so stay tuned for regular updates!

Editor’s UPDATE #5: As the Dawning’s now live, we’ve put together a guide hub just below so you can get to the information you want. We’ll work to constantly update these guides throughout the launch period and overhaul this page too, so do bear with us!

The Dawning Guide Hub

As the Dawning’s kicked off, we’ve produced a handful of Dawning themed guides which should give you a comprehensive look at all the cosmetics, armour, weapons, gifting and more.

Here’s a list of all the links you’ll need.

Destiny 2: The Dawning 2017 guides

Our Armour and Weapons guide contains all the special Dawning themed armour sets and details on how to get hold of the secret Dawning weapon that’s managed to fly under the radar.

Getting your look in Destiny 2 just right is as important as levelling, and the Dawning’s showered us with a tonne of festive cosmetics that are worth cheering about. For a closer look at all the emotes, shaders, ships and more, make sure you check out our Cosmetics guide.

Mayhem PVP mode has returned to the Crucible and it’s frantic pace can prove to be pretty overwhelming. We’ve put together a handy Mayhem PVP guide that explains how it works and should help you get to grips with the carnage!

Finally, if you want to get involved in some snowball fights or a spot of ice hockey, simply head over to the Farm and you’re guaranteed to find a bunch of people geting stuck in. There’s not much to them, so we haven’t produced an in-depth guide. Just have fun, score goals and pelt others with snowballs in the run up to Christmas Day and the New Year!


The Dawning: Start Date and Time

Bungie has confirmed that The Dawning event for Destiny 2 will begin on Tuesday 19th December, and finish up on Tuesday 9th January – two weeks later.

As for the start time, it’s been confirmed that the Dawning will go live at 09:00AM PST.

Here’s when it’ll kick off in your region!

Europe Americas Asia
5:00pm GMT 9:00am PT 1:00am CST (NEXT DAY)
6:00pm CET 11:00am MDT 2:00am KST (NEXT DAY)
7:00pm MSK 8:00am CDT 2:00am JST (NEXT DAY)
12.00pm EDT
2:00pm ADT
2:00pm BRT
1:00am SGT (NEXT DAY)
3:00am AEST (NEXT DAY)
5:00am NZST (NEXT DAY)

The Dawning: Snowball Fights and Ice Hockey

There are two new game types you’ll be able to play when The Dawning goes live. First of all you’ll be able to head to the Tower or the Farm grab a fistful of snow and participate in snowball fights with other players across the whole game universe. In Strikes, you’ll be able to blast enemies with snowballs to stun them and deal huge damage.

Although details are limited, we know that Ice Hockey will also be making an appearance during the Dawning. We’ll add in extra detail on this front as soon as we have it from Bungie.

The Dawning: Armour Sets and Weapons

If you fancy giving your Guardian a festive makeover, you’ll be able to unlock a total of three brand new armour sets that are themed around The Dawning event. We also know that there will be associated weapons to collect as well.

Details of how you’ll unlock these items have not yet been revealed. Once they’ve been made public we’ll update this section of our guide. In the meantime, here’s the only officially revealed artwork for the new equippable items.


Bungie’s is bringing back the Mayhem mode to the Crucible! Abilities will recharge faster, point values are cranked up and it’s going to be absolute carnage – we can’t wait to get stuck in.

Milestones of Winter

Engage in the Crucible or Strikes and you’ll gradually work towards completing a milestone for a Dawning Engram. While no details have been announced on these winter themed rewards, we assume they’ll be filled with Dawning specific emotes, armour pieces and more.

If you’re in a particularly giving mood, you can purchase consumables that’ll give the Dawning rewards to everyone in your fireteam. Happen to miss out on the item you want? Over three weeks, Tess Everis will sell all of the Dawning-themed loot so you can bag them with Bright Dust.

Gifting and Receiving

You can purchase a Dawning Gift Schematic from the Bazaar. Not much information has been given on this front, but it seems like we’ll be able to craft special gifts for the vendors in the Tower, Farm and Lighthouse. Then we’ll give our favourite characters these presents and receive one in return.

The Dawning: Cosmetic Items

There will be new cosmetic items – including emotes – to unlock throughout the Dawning event. In addition, the world itself will be given a Christmas-flavoured makeover. We’re promised there’ll be tonnes of easter eggs to uncover and lots of interactive elements in the open world as well.

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