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Destiny 2: Thunderlord quest guide – All Lost Cryptarch quest steps


Here's how to get your hands on Thunderlord.

Our Destiny 2: Thunderlord quest guide contains all Lost Cryptarch quest steps and explains how to get your hands on the exotic Thunderlord Machine Gun.

Destiny 2’s Thunderlord questline first came along in April 2018 and it’s returned for another round this April too. Complete it and you’ll unlock the Thunderlord Machine Gun, which is arguably one of the best weapons in the game.

Capable of mowing down multiple enemies with minimal effort, the Thunderlord’s power lies in its passive which triggers a chain lightning splash whenever an enemy goes down. It’s also got a couple of other buffs on top too, with Lightning Rounds increasing its accuracy and fire rate the longer you hold down the trigger and Feeding Frenzy improving reload speed whenever an enemy drops.

If you want to get your hands on this absolute monster of a weapon, you’ll need to complete a few quest steps within a limited time period. Thankfully there aren’t too many to get cracking on with, so those who can’t dedicate much time to Destiny 2 in the evenings should still be able to get this done quite quickly.

So without further ado, here are all the quest steps to help you get your hands on Thunderlord with minimal effort.

When can I get Thunderlord?

You’ll only be able to get your hands on Thunderlord by completing a specific set of quest steps during “Arc Week”, which happens to swing around every April.

Arc Week begins on 9th April and runs through to the 23rd April this year, so you’ll have a good couple of weeks to nab this weapon.

The Lost Cryptarch Quest Steps

Step #1: Head to Amanda Holliday

First off, you’ll need to visit Amanda Holliday in the Tower. Upon doing so, you’ll receive a pursuit entitled the Journal of the Reef Cryptarch and she’ll also give you Master Ives’ empty journal.

It’s now up to you to find its missing pages, which we’ll go into in the next section.

Step #2: Find Missing Pages

There are two primary ways of finding these pages:

  • Cracking open Legendary and Exotic Engrams.
  • Defeat yellow bar Fallen enemies in the EDZ.

One of the easiest ways of completing this challenge is to go to the EDZ and complete some Public Events. They provide plenty of yellow bar Fallen enemies to take down and you shouldn’t have to complete too many to find all the pages you need.

Step #3: Complete Lost Sectors in the EDZ

For this part of the quest, you’ll need to complete a series of Lost Sectors in the EDZ.

You’ll need to beat: Atrium, Terminus Easy and Widow’s Walk.

Once you’ve ticked off all of these, the quest will update again. The pursuit then directs you to one more Lost Sector, Whispered Falls, in the Outskirts area of the EDZ.

Complete this Lost Sector and you’ll then need to visit Amanda Holliday who’ll give you one last mission to crack on with.

Step #4: One last visit to Whispered Falls

This is the final stretch of the questline and it requires you to head back to the Whispered Falls Lost Sector in the EDZ and search for a transmat pad. Simply follow the quest marker and interact with it to begin the mission.

We don’t want to spoil anything here, but it’s a pretty straightforward mission where you’ll need to perform the usual: follow paths and clear enemies.

Once you’ve completed the mission, head back to Amanda Holliday and she will give you Ive’s Last Engram. Take it to the Cryptarch and you’ll receive the Thunderlord Exotic Machine Gun!

It’s well worth giving Arekkz’ video a watch if you want a nice recap of all the quest steps.

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