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Division 2: Skills Guide (Chem Launcher, Drone, Hive, Seeker Mine, Turrets)


What you need to know about the skills system in The Division 2.

Our Division 2 Skill guide outlines Chem Launcher skills, Drone skills, Hive skills, Seeker Mine skills and Turret skills.

The Division 2 comes with a skill system that should be very familiar to those of you who got stuck into the original game when it came out in 2016. Some old favourites have returned in the sequel, but there’s also plenty of new toys to play around with too.

Note that some of these skills are only available to specific specialisations in the game, and we’ve marked these clearly in the descriptions. Apart from that though, you’ve plenty of freedom in choosing how you best want to build your badass.

We’ll have another update for you once we’ve had more time to play around with the game post-launch, including the as-yet-unknown details about Shield and Pulse skills. For now though, here’s what you need to know about the skills in The Division 2.

Relevant guides

Chem Launcher

The Chem Launcher is great for causing chaos by applying area of effect danger to areas in order to catch the enemy off-guard. By firing a charge out of the device you’re able to blast a canister of gas at the enemy and then activate a number of different effects once the cloud of gas has dispersed:

Here are all of the Chem Launcher skills you need to know about.

  • Firestarter – With this skill you’re able to ignite the gas that has been spread all around. If you – or indeed the enemy – fire a round into this muck then it will ignite and cause serious damage to anyone caught up in the inferno.
  • Oxidizer – This nasty stuff acts as a corrosive substance and will obliterate enemy defenses as it chews its way through their armour.
  • Reinforcer – There’s a friendly component to your Chem Launcher, and it comes in the form of Reinforcer, which repairs and restores friendly armor when it comes into contact with it.
  • Riot Foam – This is a great source of crowd control. The foam itself will slowly disperse and then harden, which means any enemies caught up in it will be stuck rigidly in place. Note that they can break this foam apart to get out of it before you can do your worst…


There’s a variety of Drone variants to muck around with in The Division 2, and these remote units can either punish enemies or assist your team.

Here are the options you have for enhancing these units:

  • Bombardier – With this ability you can send your Drone on a bombing mission, obliterating anything standing in the way of its line of travel.
  • Defender – The Drone deflects enemy fire, although keep in mind that it can only carry on doing so for a limited period of time.
  • Fixer – This turns the Drone into a defensive item, which hangs around you or your team and repairs everyone’s armour.
  • Striker – Your Drone becomes an offensive powerhouse, shooting at any enemies caught within its range.
  • Tactician – For the tactically minded, this will send the Drone high up into the sky, from which vantage point it will highlight all enemies caught within its range of visibility. Sharpshooter only.


These grenades contain micro-drones that will cause chaos when they arrive at their destination. Here’s how they can be modified:

  • Booster – Every friendly player receives a miniature drone which improves performance in areas such as movement, weapon capabilities and other useful stats.
  • Restorer – The Restorer variant will repair friendly armour over time.
  • Reviver – Any friendly players within the vicinity will be revived. Hold down the ability for longer will improve health and armor gains even more.
  • Stinger – When applied, the Stingers will swarm out and dig hard into the enemy’s vulnerabilities.

Seeker Mine

This device is a blob of deadly metal that you can either throw at the enemy or place in a tactical location. Here’s the different kinds of Seeker Mine that you can employ:

  • Airburst – Heads to its targeted area and then detonates at height to ensure maximum damage is inflicted on the target.
  • Cluster – These are smaller units which are fired towards the target before detonating.
  • Explosive – Follows its target and then explodes in spectacular style. There’s a delay though, and so its impact can potentially be avoided by your target.
  • Mender – This version issues chemicals which repair friendly armour, including your own. Survivalist only.


Here’s a look at the potential modifications for Turrets. This unit will fire on targets in different ways, depending on how you’ve specced it out.

  • Artillery – Wherever you target, the Artillery Turret will target as well. Demolitionist only.
  • Assault – This is the bog standard version of the Turret which will fire upon the nearest enemy.
  • Incinerator – Instead of firing out bullets, the Turret spews out a deadly burst of flame that will cook anything caught within it.
  • Sniper – Greater damage and range, albeit at the expense of a slower firing speed. Will focus on your current target as well.

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