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Doomfist Tips: Hand Cannon tricks and strategy advice – Overwatch


How to get the most out of Doomfist's ranged ability.

Doomfist thrives in close quarters combat, dealing frightening amounts of damage with his cybernetic gauntlet. He’s able to leap and bound across the battlefield with unrivalled mobility, before slamming to the ground and punching enemies to death. It’s easy to forget that he’s even got a left hand, especially when you’re careering into opponents with a bloodthirsty grin on your face.

So, although his kit centers around that massive right fist of his, it’s vital that you master his Hand Cannon ability too. Take the time to hone your skills with his left fist, and it’ll separate you from the other aspiring Doomfist experts out there – trust us. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks that’ll help you get to grips with his Hand Cannon and set you on your path to Doomfist greatness.

We’ll upate this page with further strategy advice as we get more hands on time with Doomfist, so stay tuned for more!

Hand Cannon tips and tricks

  • Use Hand Cannon to output a steady trickle of damage before deciding whether you’re going to engage the enemy team or not. Constantly remind yourself that you’ve got a ranged ability which doesn’t put you at any risk.
  • If you’ve charged in with Rocket Punch and landed a hit on the enemy, we recommend planting a couple of quick shots on them immediately afterwards. Think of your Hand Cannon as a mini-shotgun that does huge damage at close range.
  • Use Hand Cannon when you’re zeroing in on an enemy target. As you’re drawing closer, dink them with a couple of hits before going all in with your Doomfist. It guarantees risk-free damage this way, rather than charging in first and scrabbling to recover if it all goes horribly wrong.
  • Combine Hand Cannon with Rising Uppercut. Once you’ve launched yourself into the air with Rising Uppercut, you’ll have a brief period of hang time. It’s at this point you want to pop off a few shots from your left fist.
  • Your Hand Cannon isn’t a last resort! Instead, imagine it as a tool which starts or finishes a fight. Fire off a few shots and charge in for the kill, or fly in and finish them off with a few choice shots to the noggin.
  • Your Hand Cannon doesn’t have a large ammo clip, so we don’t recommend holding down [LMB], but clicking it instead. Each shot is pretty powerful, so focus on landing each one individually, rather than spraying and praying (we’re guilty of this).

After a comprehensive look at everything Doomfist? Our Doomfist guide contains absolutely everything you need to know about the new hero.

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