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Dota 2: Grimstroke guide – Abilities, Talents and Tips


Our guide to getting started with the latest hero to hit Dota 2

Our Dota 2 Grimstroke guide contains tips, ability information and an overview of the hero’s talents.

Grimstroke was the most recent addition to Dota 2 when he hit the game at the end of August.

This ranged intelligence hero is one that’s sure to appeal to those who like to play support, but at the same time inflict a disgusting amount of damage to the other team, and frustrate their teamwork thanks to some very impactful abilities.

In our guide to playing Grimstroke, we’ve got an overview of all of his abilities, a closer look at his talent options, and also a collection of tips. These should help you get to grips with the new character pretty quickly, and provide you with an edge right from your very first match.

Dota 2: Grimstroke Abilities

Here’s an overview of all of Grimstroke’s abilities, along with a little bit of insight into how to get the best of each one:

Stroke of Fate

  • Slows and damges enemies as it passes through them in a line
  • Affected enemies are slowed by 80% for two seconds and also take 300 damage
  • As the ability travels through multiple enemies, each one takes an extra 40 damage for each target that’s already been hit
  • In short, the more targets you can fire this one through, the more damage the character furthest back is going to take

Phantom’s Embrace

  • This ability affects a single target and should be used to deal with an enemy hero
  • Once cast on a target, a Phantom will appear and then attach itself to the hero in question
  • The Phantom is not immune to damage and can be destroyed with a total of three hits. It cannot be dispelled away from the victim
  • In terms of damage, the Phantom will inflict 30 points each second, while simultaneously silencing the target for a total of five and a half seconds
  • Should the Phantom persist in dealing its damage for the maximum duration, a further 360 damage will be inflicted upon the target
  • At this point the Phantom returns to Grimstroke, and can be re-attached to a new target (or the same one if you want to keep working on your previous target).
  • If the Phantom is removed from the target before the maximum duration is up, the silence effect disappears along with it and a cooldown on using Phantom’s Embrace begins

Ink Swell

  • Ink Swell is designed to be applied to a friendly hero. It grants them a 40% speed boost for three seconds, but note that they are also silenced, yet immune.
  • For as long as this effect persists they’ll automatically dish out 55 damage per second to anyone nearby, courtesy of a collection of tendrils
  • Once that three seconds is up, all targets near the Ink Swell’d hero will also receive extra damage depending on how much work the tendrils got done. They’ll also be stunned temporarily
  • Regardless of how much damage the tendrils inflicted, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of a 100 damage being applied to the affected enemy targets, along with a one-second stun.
  • The maximum amount of damage that the targets can take in this context is 400 damage, along with a four-second stun.


This is Grimstroke’s Ultimate single-target ability which can be used to inflict a great deal of pain onto multiple targets thanks to its chain-link effect.

  • When you cast Soulbind on an enemy hero, it will link them to their nearest teammate. This lasts for up to eight seconds.
  • During this period, the enemy targets are slowed by 40% and they also can’t directly move away from one another. Even better, any spell you cast at one target is automatically cast against their buddy.
  • The enemies you target can use escape mechanics to get away from the clutches of Soulbind. Note, however, that the original target is still affected by it, and can once again chain it onto one of their teammates for as long as the de-buff is active.

Dota 2: Grimstroke Talents

Here’s a quick breakdown of the talents that are available to Grimstroke as he levels up during each game:

Level Talent 1 Talent 2
10 +90 Gold per min +30 Movement Speed
15 +125 Cast Range +12% Spell Amplification
20 +2 Hits to Kill Phantom +600 Stroke of Fate Cast Range
25 +50% Stroke of Fate Damage +200 Ink Swell Radius

Dota 2: Grimstroke Tips

  • 1. Stroke of Fate can be used to clear out creeps and camps extremely quickly, and with a generous cooldown you should not be afraid to make constant use of it.
  • 2. Phantom Embrace is best used in conjunction with a teammate who can lock the target down and ensure the Phantom inflicts its maximum damage.
  • 3. Remember that the Phantom generated by Phantom Embrace can be destroyed while it travels from Grimstroke to its intended target. Don’t just throw it into certain death!
  • 4. Although Ink Swell can be useful as an offensive tool, it is also extremely powerful at protecting teammates who have been locked down and find themselves defenseless. It’ll certainly make enemies think twice before finishing off their prey.
  • 5. Try to coordinate your use of Soulbind with your teammates own abilities so that the maximum amount of pain is inflicted against the maximum amount of targets.

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