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Dota Auto Chess: Best starting strategies, tips and tactics


Our advice to help you in the early game.

Our Dota Auto Chess Best opening strategies guide contains tips and tricks to help you get ahead of the competition at the start of the game.

In Auto Chess there are all manner of races and classes to choose from, and each comes with their own sets of abilities, bonuses and traits. If you’re a new player, it can be extremely confusing knowing what’s worth buying in the early stages, and how to build a solid team composition.

An important part of the learning process is to get off to a good start, as you don’t want to be languishing behind the competition from the very beginning, and get snowballed out the game before you have a chance to experiment. Again, it’s difficult to know how to get up and running fast if you’ve not spent much time with the game.

For more experienced players, getting off to a good start with strong class combos can set you up nicely for the mid and late game. Build some beefy units early and you’ll have a much better chance of maxing them out when the game nears close.

Oh, and let’s not forget the importance of cultivating your economy…

Below we’ve put together a few things to think about when building your early game team which will hopefully help you get off to the best start possible.

Essential Auto Chess Coverage

Auto Chess: Best opening strategies

It’s worth pointing out first and foremost that a list like this can never be considered definitive. All manner of strategies, classes, combinations and the like can be successful if you play it right. We’ve just done our best to point out some more obvious choices to help you get off the starting blocks.

It’s also early days for the mod with frequent patches and the meta can change quickly. We’ll do our best to update this article if certain strategies are made redundant!

Finally, RNG plays a huge part in this game. This means you’ve got to work with the hand you’re dealt, so it’s important to be fluid and adapt your strategy on the fly.


Warriors are excellent early-game starters as damage sources are largely physical. They’re also tanky, they deal decent damage, and they can be combined cheaply.

Start off with an Orc warrior and it won’t cost you much to get them up to a two star unit. Simply slap three basic orc warriors together and you’ve got yourself a beefy tank who will demolish enemies in the early stages.

Axe, Tusk and Juggernaut are all cheap, decent choices which you can combine early.

Just don’t forget to diversify your composition as the rounds go on. You’ll want some magic damage in there, or perhaps even some healing to complement your melee-centric build.


Goblin Mechs are pretty common in Auto Chess, and they don’t cost a lot either. This means you can combine them early on for a pretty powerful unit right off the bat.

Combine Clockwerks, Tinkers and Timbersaws for some staggering damage early on. Make sure you’ve got a host of Goblins and Mechs for the race bonus, and they will almost certainly steamroll anything that comes their way – up to a point.

It’s important not to get carried away with the Goblin/Mech bandwagon though. Despite being vicious in the early game, they fall off hard in the later stages. It’s worth stockpiling and eventually combining other units in the background. This way they can take over the mantle as the rounds tick down.


The Enchantress, Furion and Treant Protector are excellent picks for the early game, not to mention the fact that they still have staying power as the game progresses. While you might suffer a little if the RNG doesn’t shine upon you, throw loads of Druids on the board and you’ll accelerate the speed at which you can combine them.

Have four Druids on the board and you can combine two one star units to create a two star, or two beefier two stars into a three star unit.

As the game progresses you will almost certainly want to get some more damage on the board. While your tanks and healers have great survivability, your composition will need an extra push. Think Mages, Assassins and Warriors as the game progresses.

Variety Pack

Sometimes it’s best to go for a total of four units over three in the early game. Even if there isn’t much synergy, you’ll have more units on the board and it’ll open up avenues a little later on in the game for combos.

For example, you could have one two Warriors, one Druid and a Mage. If you begin stockpiling the same units you might suffer a couple of losses, but it’ll eventually come together when you combine them all.

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