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Dota Auto Chess: Gold – Interest, experience, refunds and more


How to manage your economy in Dota Auto Chess.

Our Dota Auto Chess Gold guide explains how to get more gold in each game, and explains how the gold interest system works as well.

Gold is one of the most important resources you’ll need to pick up in Auto Chess, as it allows you to not only buy the units you need to defend your board with, but also increase the number of units you can field at any given time as well.

Understanding how to optimise your economy with this currency is therefore a vital part of increasing your chances of continued dominance against the other opponents who are busy working away on their own emergent strategies.

In this brief article, we’ve gathered together everything you need to know about gold in Auto Chess, with insight into how you can gain more through accrued interest, and manipulate your expenditure and unit management.

Essential Auto Chess Coverage

Overview of Gold in Auto Chess

Gold is the key economic resource in Auto Chess and can be used to perform the following actions in-game:

  • Heroes – Gold can be used to purchase new heroes from the selection you’re presented with at the start of each round. Note that you’ll often see people refer to heroes as pieces, and use the terms interchangeably.
  • Selection Refresh – If you don’t like the random selection of pieces that you’re being presented with, you can spend a chunk of your gold reserves on refreshing the choice the game’s given you. Just keep in mind that this is rarely advisable in the early stages, as getting more pieces on the board early is a vital part of your snowballing offensive threat.
  • Experience – The higher your level, the more pieces you’ll be able to deploy on the board during any given round. The number of active units you can field is directly tied to your current level. If you’re sitting on a decent slush fund of gold, you can spend it in chunks of five in order to gain extra experience, and eventually achieve a higher level.

How to get more Gold in Auto Chess

There are a couple of different aspects to gaining gold in Auto Chess that are important to understand. In this section we’ll break down how you can use these mechanics to get more gold.

  • Rounds – At the start of every round, all players are given an extra five gold to spend on their developing strategy.
  • Interest – As tempting as it might seem to burn through all of your gold reserves on extra experience points, you will gain a certain amount of interest between rounds by holding onto your stash. Each round you’ll gain an extra gold for each 10 gold you have in your reserves. Keep in mind, however, that you can only earn a maximum of five gold per round in this way – once you have more than 50 gold in the bank, it makes sense to start spending at least some of it.
  • Combat Wins – For each non-NPC opponent you beat in any given round, you’ll receive a single unit of gold.
  • Win / Loss Streaks – The precise maths on this are still a little fuzzy, but you’ll receive bonus gold for achieving a certain win-streak – or even a loss-streak to help unlucky players stay in the game. A maximum of three gold per round can be earned in this way.
  • Refunds – If a chosen chess piece really isn’t working out for your emerging strategy, you can refund it for the same amount of gold it originally cost you.

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