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Ezreal Combo-Control deck list guide – Open Beta – Legends of Runeterra (February 2020)


An Ez-Real good deck.

Our Ezreal Combo-Control deck list guide features the best Legends of Runeterra deck list for the open beta (February 2020). Our Ezreal Combo-Control guide also contains Mulligan advice, card combos and strategy tips.

If you’re looking for a rundown of the best decks Legends of Runeterra has to offer, check out our Legends of Runeterra Best Decks page!

Your main goal is staying alive for most of the game. Use whatever resources you’ve got to stay alive, and once you’ve done enough to level up Ezreal, you can usually finish off your opponent pretty damn quickly.

Thanks to Ezreal’s excellent finishing ability, you’ll be able to surprise your enemy with a great deal of Nexus damage, provided you’ve got a lot of cheap spells to play. Until then, Freljord’s Frostbite abilities can keep you alive, and the likes of Chump Whump and Clump of Whumps can keep you alive.

Keep targeting your opponents with spells and things will start going pretty solidly. It takes a while to upgrade Ezreal, so it’s not a huge necessity to draw him early, although you can get extra Mystic Shots if you successfully Nexus Strike with him.

In the latest version of our Ezreal Combo-Control guide, we’ve got the deck list we’re using for the open beta of Legends of Runeterra.

Piltover and Zaun Freljord
1 x Thermogenic Beam 2 x Brittle Steel
1 x Jury-Rig 3 x Avarosan Sentry
2 x Rummage 3 x Icevale Archer
2 x Clump of Whumps 2 x Avarosan Marksman
3 x Mystic Shot 3 x Flash Freeze
3 x Ezreal 3 x Harsh Winds
3 x Get Excited!
3 x Chump Whump
3 x Statikk Shock
3 x Progress Day!

Select and copy the long ID string below, then click ‘Import Deck’ in Legends of Runeterra’s Collection to export this deck into your game.


General strategy

This isn’t a deck that plays like your standard ‘get board control, hit Nexus’ Legends of Runeterra deck. No, this one is a fiddly one, and you’ll have to play smartly and adapt to your opponent’s actions.

Early game: Mulligan for Frostbite spells and cheap units. Avarosan Sentry and Clump of Whumps are worth keeping hold of, as are Icevale Archer and Brittle Steel. Save your Skill effects for your enemy’s units and you’ll be able to upgrade Ezreal more quickly.

You won’t be able to secure an early win. All you’re looking to do at this point in the game is survive as best you can – Frostbite enemy units with your Burst spells and block enemy attacks with Clump of Whumps, Avarosan Sentry and whatever else you can afford. You should have a decent few removal spells too – use the likes of Thermogenic Beam and Mystic Shot to take out enemy units posing an early threat. The likes of Fiora, Ashe and Teemo can be quickly destroyed before they ruin your day.

Mid game: Keep targeting your opponent with spells and skills whenever they play out units. Things get a bit tougher when you’re having to deal with decks that don’t play as many units, since you’ll struggle to upgrade Ezreal without any baddies to target. In this situation, just do your best to keep hitting the enemy Nexus, unless it’s a mirror match in which case you want your foe to play out units for you to target with spells. Basically, upgrade Ezreal by any means necessary.

Chump Whump is a great mid-game blocking and damage tool, with the 4 available attack power and health getting rid of a load of enemy threats. Keep it alive with the likes of Flash Freeze and Brittle Steel, and you’ll be able to trade with a great deal of value.

Late game: Once you’ve survived to the late game, you’ll ideally have Ezreal fully upgraded. All the Mushroom Clouds you’ve generated from Clump of Whumps and Chump Whump are turned into direct Nexus damage once Ezreal is upgraded and on board, so go ahead and get counting. Often, you’ll have done enough damage to the enemy Nexus already for lethal, but if not it’s worth keeping hold of any burst damage and saving it for when you can finish your foe.

Whenever you cast any spells at all, your level 2 Ezreal will deal 2 damage to the enemy Nexus, and that’s on top of any other damage you’re dealing with your spells. This means Mystic Shots targeted at the enemy Nexus will deal a total of 4 damage each – make sure you’re always calculating the total damage dealt.

Finish off the game by continuing to Frostbite your enemies, prioritising foes with Lifesteal, all the while chipping away at their Nexus health. Progress Day! is a great way to get that last bit of fuel you need too, and is super helpful for reducing the cost of drawn spells too, possibly giving you that last bit of damage.

More essential Legends of Runeterra guides:

Ezreal Combo-Control Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll want to make the best possible start with Ezreal Combo-Control:

  • 1. Ezreal is often worth keeping, despite being unessential for the early game. If you’re lucky enough to be facing a foe who can’t deal with Elusive units, you’ll be absolutely loving life, getting a free Mystic Shot every attack you do.
  • 2. Depending on who you’re facing, you might want more or less removal. Thermogenic Beam is a great choice for facing aggro decks, and can be a quick way to get rid of something like Elise early.
  • 3. Small minions like Clump of Whumps and Icevale Archer are great options to avoid letting the game spiral out of control early on.

Ezreal Combo-Control tips, combos and synergies

Here’s an overview of the synergies to look out for in this Ezreal Combo-Control deck. Keep an eye out for more once the metagame has time to grow.

– Remember – you often can’t afford to save Mystic Shot for Nexus damage. Take down enemy units with it instead, and help Ezreal upgrade.

Jury-Rig is a solid card to use when you’re discarding, as it summons you a 1/1 Scrap Scuttler when you discard it. Keep it in mind when playing the likes of Rummage or Get Excited!

Statikk Shock draws you a card, but only if you have two enemies to target with it. You can target the enemy Nexus, but if they have no units, you won’t be able to cast it.

Progress Day! is a great option when it’s getting late on in the game and you’re running low on resources. The spell’s cost reduction of the cards you draw can let you cast them immediately if you have enough mana.

– Skills that impact enemy units upgrade Ezreal, as well as spells. For example, your Avarosan Marksman’s 1 damage counts towards the Champion’s upgrade.

– Remember, you have to target enemy units to upgrade Ezreal, not your own. Hitting yourself with Mystic Shots won’t help.

Ezreal generates a Mystic shot with every Nexus Strike, but it’s Fleeting and costs 2 mana. Try to make sure you have the mana to spare do you can cast it.

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