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Fallout 76: Cap farming guide – How to get Caps fast


How to farm for Caps.

Our Fallout 76 Cap farming guide contains a list of all the best ways to earn caps fast.

If there’s something you want to purchase in Fallout 76, you’ll almost always need some caps to hand. Aside from picking up the odd cap here and there, it can be difficult to find ways of acquiring them quickly, especially if you’re planning on making some big purchases in the future.

To help you fill your pockets with caps, we’ve put together a guide that contains a list of all the best methods of farming them. Some are easier than others, and range from completing quests, eliminating certain enemies or seeking out specific locations.

Kill Super Mutants

Any Super Mutant strongholds and towns are fantastic for earning caps fast. Super Mutants always carry a little stash of caps on them, so eliminating a whole bunch of them can really fill your pockets.

Super Mutant strongholds have high spawn rates and legendary enemies which’ll grant you some powerful loot. Once you’ve cleared an area, hop to another server and repeat the process. By the time you’ve done it a few times, you’ll have netted a good number of caps as well as ammo and more.

There’s a Super Mutant town east of Camp McClintock and another great spot lies in the Eastern Regional Penitentiary.

Farm Cap Stashes

Occasionally you may have bumped into a stash containing a whole host of caps. Well, turns out they spawn in fixed locations across servers, which means you can plan a route and zip on over to each one, move server and repeat the process.

Make sure you give this video by French Tomahawk a watch, as it details a fantastic route for cap stash farming which’ll net you a ludicrous amount in only an hour.

Mothman Egg Farming

Head on over to Mothman Museum Area and look around for Mothman’s eggs. You’ll find them scattered around the area in black and red clumps. Go ahead and stick as many as you can, before loading into a new server and collecting even more. Once you can’t carry any more eggs, sell them to vendors for a nice cap injection.

Get farming (literally)

You can claim camps in Fallout 76 which will act as a base of operations. Many of them come with loads of valuable resources like mineral veins which you can harvest for aluminum and the like. If you don’t need these materials, you could always sell them on, before or after smelting.

Set up a water purifier and you could have yourself a bucket load of Purified Water to sell too. In past Fallout games, this has been a very good method of making easy caps, so it’s worth a try here if you’ve got the patience, resources and plans to do so.

Here’s where you can find medium and large Water Purifier plans to kickstart your water farming career, courtesy of Player Guides:

Vegetables can also be grown as camps with fertiliser and a sizeable patch of land. Get a good harvest going and it could yield a nice bit of cash too.

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Complete Quests

This might seem like a given, but it’s still a reliable way of earning a quick buck. We’d recommend stacking up your list of side missions and dedicating a decent portion of time to clattering through as many as possible. They’ll always rewards a good number of caps so it won’t be long before you’ve got a tidy sum in your inventory.

To maximise efficiency, try your best to complete missions based on location so you can quickly flit from one to the other without much travel, or even complete two at the same time!

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