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Fallout 76: Factions guide


A list of all the factions in Fallout 76.

Our Fallout 76 Factions guide contains a list and description of all the factions found across Appalachia.

West Virginia’s surprisingly beautiful for an apocalyptic wasteland, which makes traversing its environments a real pleasure (for the most part). Of course, you can’t go for a dainty jaunt around the map without watching your back though – nasties lurk around every corner.

Despite all the unfriendly Radroaches, Scorched and Super Mutants out to get you, there are a number of factions in Fallout 76 which can provide some respite. Sign up with one of these groups and you’ll become part of an exclusive club each supporting a different cause in the wasteland. They might not be the most noble of causes, but they’ll certainly do.

Currently there isn’t really a purpose to joining these factions just yet, but Bethesda is reportedly introducing a faction based PVP system into the game at a later date. With this in mind it’s worth getting clued up on what all these factions are about, so you can ready to fight for their cause.

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All Factions in Fallout 76

Here’s a list of all the main factions you’ll find in Fallout 76. We’ll add further detail to each section once Bethesda has introduced faction based PVP.

Brotherhood of Steel

With their headquarters tucked away in Fort Defiance, the Brotherhood of Steel are alive and kicking in Appalachia. They’re the same Power Armor toting band of troopers you’ll find in other Fallout games, and this time they’re dedicated to eradicating the Scorched Plague (and general mutant baddies).

The Free States

Formerly a group of Appalachian anarchists who split from the United States shortly before the nukes fell. Various members of the Free States managed to survive the nuclear bombs in self-constructed concrete bunkers, and have now taken over Harpers Ferry as a base of operations.


As you’d expect, the Raiders are a bloodthirsty bunch hellbent on surviving in the nuclear wasteland. They’re basically psychopaths who terrorise other survivors and salvage supplies to build their old world tech.

You’ll likely find them in Pleasant Park’s Ski Resort – just don’t expect the warmest of welcomes.

The Responders

The Responders were are an organised volunteer group made up of firefighters, police and medical staff. They became part government, part crisis relief and mobilised to help out those who were desperately in need.

Now they’re long gone, but the Responder Protectrons still remain and run their own automated trading posts across Appalachia.

The Whitespring Resort (The Enclave)

Constructed in 1858 and named after a natural sulphur spring on its ground, the Whitespring Resort is a luxurious complex which has formerly played host to members of the government and even presidents.

Having been under great financial strain before the war, The Whitespring was forced to sell much of its surrounding land and replace all of its staff with robots. The complex remains in perfect condition to this day.

As you’d expect, Whitespring Resort plays host to one of the most elusive, powerful factions in the game – The Enclave.

All Minor Factions in Fallout 76

Here’s a list of all the smaller factions you can come across in Fallout 76. Although they’re not as significant as the rest, they’re certainly just as weird and wonderful. Perhaps even more so…

Many of these smaller factions have wonderful side quests which we don’t want to spoil, so we won’t go into specifics.

  • Cult of the Mothman – Can be found in Point Pleasant
  • Order of Mysteries – Headquarters located in Riverside Manor

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