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Fear the Wolves guide


Everything we know about the upcoming Battle Royale game from Vostok.

Our Fear the Wolves guide explains how the AI, dynamic weather and spectator mode systems work, with tips, tricks and strategy advice to be added at launch.

Fear the Wolves is the latest in an increasingly long line of Battle Royale games to be announced, but there’s enough that’s new about this upcoming title that we think makes it very worthy of your attention.

As well as packing in all the staples of the genre (100 players, guns and armour to scavenge across a sprawling map, a toxic cloud – all that good stuff), it’ll also feature AI enemies, physical “anomalies” across the map, and some clever audience interaction elements for the Twitch crowd to enjoy.

In our Fear the Wolves guide, we’ve gather together every last scrap of information about the game into one place. Once the game is actually out – or at least in beta – we’ll expand on this article with loads of tips and tricks for getting ahead of the pack.


Use the following links to quickly navigate to the section of the guide you’re most interested in right now!

1. Overview – A basic overview of what the game’s about.

2. Game modes – All the game modes confirmed so far.

3. AI – How the AI elements will work in Fear the Wolves.

4. Anomalies – The anomaly system explained.

5. Dynamic Weather – How the weather system will impact gameplay.

6. Spectator Mode – How spectators can affect the game world.

7. Weapons – Everything we know about weapons and combat physics.

8. Platforms – All of the release platforms for Fear the Wolves.

9. Release date – The anticipated release date info.

10. Social media – How to follow the developers.

Fear the Wolves: Overview

Fear the Wolves has its origins in a series of horror games called S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and in very blunt terms this is an attempt to bring that world together with the gameplay of PUBG in order to create an intense – and very different – kind of Battle Royale experience.

If you’re not familiar with games like PUBG or Fortnite, Battle Royale games drop a massive group of players (typically around 100) onto a map with little or nothing in the way of weapons and armour. The objective is to trawl the map for upgrades, kill any other players you come across, and hopefully survive long enough to remain the last person standing and win the match as a result.

Games like Fortnite switch up the formula by adding new elements such as fortress building, for example, but those are the common elements that unite most games in the genre. There’s one other thing that all these games have in common as well though, and that’s some kind of toxic cloud which spreads throughout each match, and slowly constricts the playable area, forcing players closer and closer together over time.

Fear the Wolves is set within the grim and tragic ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. For younger readers who may not have heard of the event, a reactor explosion in 1986 effectively turned the surround area into a radioactive wasteland, and it still remains an extremely dangerous place to visit for any kind of extended period of time.

Naturally enough, then, the toxic element in the case of Fear the Wolves is represented by a growing cloud of nuclear radiation which forces players to keep moving closer together, and ensuring that camping opportunities are limited. Interestingly enough for the genre, the developers have revealed that protective suits might be found that will allow you to survive in this poison for a limited period of time.

As for game length, the developers believe that most matches should be wrapped up within 20-45 minutes, with the round beginning at dawn in-game, and then ending in the dead of night.

Fear the Wolves: Game modes

We know that you’ll be able to play the game solo (ie lone wolf) or in a collaborative squad mode. Beyond that, no further details have been provided by the developers at Vostok.

Fear the Wolves: AI

It’s not just other players you’re going to need to watch out for in Fear the Wolves. Although Vostok is keeping its cards close to its chest at the moment, there will be creatures and mutants wandering the forests and hills of Chernobyl, and they’ll often be guarding the tastiest weapons and armour the map currently has to offer players.

Fear the Wolves: Anomalies

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games featured areas known as anomalies. These occur randomly in the playable area, and they mess around with the established physics within the immediate vicinity of the anomaly.

Certain anomalies will prove deadly upon contact, for example, while others will force you to sprint through the neary terrain unless you want to incur damage (spoiler: you don’t). This would force everyone to get on the move, increasing the chances of more and more frantic firefights occurring!

Fear the Wolves: Dynamic Weather

Fear the Wolves will include a dynamic weather system which we’ve been promised will have a significant impact on gameplay.

You might, for example, find yourself in the thick of fog which will severely hamper your visibility. Although this might cause you some problems, don’t forget that you could also turn this environmental hazard to your advantage, allowing you to get the drop on your next unwitting victim.

There will presumably be other weather effects to be aware of as well, but it’s worth keeping in mind that Fear the Wolves will also feature a day and night cycle. Again, it’s not hard to imagine how the lighting might be used to your advantage here, allowing you to sneak through the shadows to either escape a confrontation, or initiate one on very favourable terms!

Fear the Wolves: Spectator mode

There will also be a spectator mode in Fear the Wolves, and those viewing the experience will actually be able to influence the battlefield.

Viewers might collectively be able to vote on changing the weather, for example. Two other examples that have been mentioned publicly in this context involve increasing the temperature of the world so as to fatigue players, or interfering with wind speed so that firing accuracy becomes hampered.

Although it sounds as though this kind of system could get out of hand pretty quickly, Vostok has assured the playerbase that no one will be able to gift weapons, or grant any other kind of advantage that’s potentially exploitable by a posse of a streamer’s fans.

Fear the Wolves: Weapons

Although precise details are thin on the ground right now, the team are confident that the game will have a more hardcore feel than its contemporaries, with bullet physics included as standard. When we know what weapons are coming with the game, we’ll update this guide.

Fear the Wolves: Platforms

Fear the Wolves will be released on the PC platform, as well as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console platforms. It’s not yet clear whether the game will support cross-platform play or not, but we’ll update this section of our guide when we know more.

Fear the Wolves: Release date

So far we know that Vostok Games hopes to have Fear the Wolves out for full release at some point in 2018. Before it enters full launch status, a beta version of the game will be available to play.

Whether this beta takes place in the form of a standalone installation supplied by the developers, or through Steam’s Early Access system is something that’s yet to be confirmed.

Fear the Wolves: Social media

If you want to keep track of the latest developments about Fear the Wolves, then you can follow the team on their official social media accounts. We’ll also be expanding on this guide over time, so make sure you check back here occasionally as well!

Here’s where you’ll find the develpment team:

That’s the end of the very first edition of our Fear the Wolves guide. As more information is released by the developers we’ll update this article.

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