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Five card nerfs annnounced by Blizzard – Hearthstone


It's not just Druid that's about to take a swing of the nerf bat.

We’ve been expecting some news from Hearthstone’s Team 5 about how they intend to balance some of the more problematic cards in Hearthstone.

This evening a total of five card alterations have been revealed for the game, but only two are directed specifically at those Druids who have caused so many issues in the Frozen Throne meta.

Here’s a breakdown of the affected cards, what’s being changed, and why they’re geting nerfed. Check out the full post for insight into alternative changes that were considered for these cards.

Fiery War Axe – Now costs 3 Mana instead of 2. It’s always been great value, but the added power provided by Pirate decks was just too much. The Mana increase will hopefully slow down the Warrior’s tempo, and also just lower the general power level of the actual card.

Hex – Will now cost 4 Mana instead of 3. Although not a hugely problematic card, the developers feel it could be in the future. It would seem this change is being made with one eye on the next expansion, and should hopefully stop Shaman getting out of control down the road.

Innervate – Now provides 1 extra Mana instead of 2. The developers feel this should slow down the Druid somewhat, without removing a key part of the class’s identity in gaining extra Mana.

Murloc Warleader – Will now only grant other Murlocs +2 Attack, with no Health buff. The change is being made to stop aggro decks becoming overly “beefy” too early on in a game, leaving the opponent little opportunity to shut the opponent down.

Spreading Plague – This Frozen Throne card will now cost 6 Mana rather than 5. It was simply too efficient with the lower cost and should now feel a little more balanced all-round.

The patch introducing these changes has yet to be dated. As soon as we learn of its planned release date, we’ll add a new story to the homepage.

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