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Fortnite: All Birthday Cake locations (Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes)


Where to find all Birthday Cakes across Fortnite's map.

Our Fortnite All Birthday Cake locations page details where to find and dance in front of every Birthday Cake on the Battle Royale map for this special 2nd Birthday Challenge.

Can you believe it’s Fortnite’s second birthday already? Well, just like the first, Epic Games has scattered 10 Birthday Cakes across the map. Instead of blowing out the candles like a traditional birthday, we’re tasked with dancing in front of them – fitting, we suppose.

Of course, they’re actually quite tricky to find as Epic has placed them in some pretty unassuming spots. Once you’ve tracked one of these Birthday Cakes down, you’ll need to throw some shapes in front of it, and the UI will notify you when you can move onto hunting down the next dessert.

To help you get this challenge done quickly so you can play that b-day beats music pack before anyone else, we’ve put together a list of all the Birthday Cake locations across the map.

For a complete overview of all the birthday challenges, make sure you check out our 1st Birthday Celebration Challenges hub!

All Birthday Cake locations

Here’s a list of where you’ll find all the Birthday Cakes across the map. In order to get this challenge completed, you will need to find 10 and dance in front of them for a second or two. The UI will notify you when you’ve ticked one off, but make sure that you stay in the game until you’re eliminated! Leaving early will cost you progress.

Here’s our ever-growing list of where you’ll find each Birthday Cake across the map. Keep checking back as we’ll be updating this page over the next hour or so. Keep refreshing!

  • Junk Junction – Right in the centre.
  • Loot Lake – On one of the small islands just to the north of Loot Lake.
  • Fatal Fields – Right in the centre.
  • Salty Springs – Right in the centre.
  • Lonely Lodge – North of Lonely Lodge.
  • Shifty Shafts – Near the centre, at the entrance to the shafts, close to a reboot van.
  • Pleasant Park – Again, in the central square.
  • Viking Village – North side of Viking Village, just outside the largest hut.
  • Paradise Palms #1 – Just to the west of the race track.
  • Paradise Palms #2 – Just to the west of the luxury house, south of the race track on the cliff edge.

The above image shows what these Birthday Cakes look like.

HarryNinetyFour has produced a very helpful video which shows you where to find them all:

Finally, here’s a helpful map too:

Cheers FortniteBR over on Twitter and @Fortbyte over on Instagram for the image.

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Other Birthday Celebration Challenges

Once you’ve busted a move in front of 10 Birthday Cakes, you’ll still have three extra challenges to tick off to complete the Birthday cosmetic set.

Here are the remaining three challenges with their associated rewards:

  • Play matches (10) – Frosted Wrap
  • Outlast opponents (500) – Fortnite Birthday Spray
  • Gain health of shield from birthday cakes (50) – Birthday Cupcake emoji

Thankfully both these challenges go hand in hand with eachother. It’s best to get aggressive if you’re focusing on getting these two done quickly. This way you’ll work towards the challenge “Deal damage to opponents” and if you’re eliminated early, you’ll at least begin getting closer to playing 14 matches in total to complete the “Play matches” challenge.

Thankfully all of these challenges go hand in hand with eachother. If anything, you’ll simply want to play as many matches as possible, attempt to survive as long as possible in each one and eat as many cakes as your stomach can handle.

That concludes the first edition of our 2nd Birthday Cake locations guide, but do let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed any out!

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