Fortnite: All Fireworks locations guide


Where to find every firework on Fortnite's map.

Our Fortnite Fireworks locations guide details where to find every firework to help you complete this Week 4, Season 7 challenge.

For this Week 4, Season 7 challenge you’ll need to track down a total of 3 Fireworks scattered around the map and launch them. There’s actually a total of 7, but you’ll only need to get 3 to complete it. Thankfully Youtuber HarryNinetyFour has put together a video guide which will show you exactly where to find them all quickly.

Below we’ve embedded HarryNinetyFour’s video and put together a brief text summary of all their locations so you can find them even if you can’t give it a watch. For those of you who want to know every firework location, we’ve also put together a map showing you where to find them.

All Firework locations guide

Here’s a map which showcases every firework location.

  • #1: Southern tip of Paradise Palms, just east of the waterfall here.
  • #2: East of Paradise Palms city centre, near the cliff edge by a caravan.
  • #3: Northeast of Wailing Woods, by the large brick building.

If you found this video helpful, do make sure you subscribe to HarryNinetyFour’s channel. He’s one of the best out there for Fortnite content!

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