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Fortnite: All Gargoyle locations – Where to dance in front of different Gargoyles


Here's where to find all the Gargoyles for this Fortnitemares challenge.

Our Fortnite Gargoyle locations page contains a list of where to find all the Gargoyles across Fornite’s map so you can complete this Week 1 Fortnitemares challenge easily.

As Halloween descends over Fortnite and ushers in Fortnitemares, another set of Weekly Challenges has also become available. These will refresh every week of this limited-time event, and completing them will earn you fresh cosmetic items.

The toughest week 1 Fortnitemare’s challenges lies in tracking down Gargoyles to dance in front of. As we all know by now, finding any unique items or points of interest on Fortnite’s intricate map can be an absolute nightmare.

That’s why we’ve broken down all the Gargoyle locations below so you can go about your day (or night), without the stress-inducing task of finding them all.

If you think we’ve missed a location, or got one slightly wrong on our list, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

All Fortnite Gargoyle locations explained

Here’s where you’ll find all the Gargoyles for this Week 1 Fortnitemares challenge.

This video by HarryNinetyFour is a great resource for locating them all.

  • You’ll find a Gargoyle sitting on a brown patch of earth situated between Risky Reels and Wailing Woods. For further reference, it’s just north west of Wailing Woods and directly east of Risky Reels.
  • The next Gargoyle can be found in Tomato Temple’s courtyard. Move into the centre of the courtyard and you’ll spot it in the middle of broken square structure.
  • Another Gargoyle is tucked away in the umbrella shaped mine just to the West of Lazy Links. Head past the “Stop” sign, smash the doorway and you’ll find the Gargoyle behind some boulders.
  • Rather fittingly, you’ll find a Gargoyle in the Haunted Hills castle. Head into the centre until you spot a distinctive pillar/monument at the bottom of some steps. Pickaxe your way through the ground and you’ll fall into a Gargoyle that’s flanked by stairs below.
  • The final Gargoyle can be found in the Viking Village area. It’s in the largest building on the very northernmost point. Simply head inside, past the burnt out fire and towards a table. The Gargoyle will be straight ahead.

All you need to do is dance in front of all five of these Gargoyles to complete the challenge. A UI pop-up will notify you when you’ve danced in front of one, so make sure you give the game a second or two to register the moves you’re busting.

Of course, watch yourself when you’re dancing in front of these Gargoyles as other players will be tracking them down too.

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