Fortnite: All Giant Beach Balls locations


Where to find every Giant Beach Ball on Fortnite's map.

Our Fortnite Giant Beach Ball locations guide will help you find all three Giant Beach Balls required to complete this 14 Days of Summer challenge.

It’s day two of Fortnite’s “14 Days of Summer” special event, and there’s another challenge for players to complete.

This time, you’ll need to find Giant Beach Balls across the map and bounce them in five different matches. There’s a total of three on the map, so all you’ll need to do is head on over to a location of your choice, find the Beach Ball and well, bounce it.

Do take a moment to glance at the UI once you’ve bounced a Beach Ball just in case it hasn’t registered. Once it has, complete the match as normal and your progress will be carried over into the next game.

The easiest way to find all of these locations is to refer to the video we’ve linked below. It’s by HarryNinetyFour and it’s not only informative, but straight to the point. Do give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing for more content like this.

For help finding all Beach Parties, have a glance at our Beach Parties locations guide.

Here’s a map we’ve put together showing you where to find all three Beach Balls:

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