Fortnite: All No Dancing Signs locations


Where to find all six No Dancing Sign locations.

Our Fortnite All No Dancing Signs locations guide will help you find where all 6 No Dancing Signs are located around Fortnite’s map.

Another set of Fortnite’s weekly missions has just gone live and it involves tracking down and destroying three No Dancing Signs on the map. These have actually featured in previous seasons, with some staying in the same position, and others having shifted over elsewhere.

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to wander over to three and search them. The UI will notify you when you’ve ticked them off, so just keep an eye on the left hand corner of your screen when going about this mission.

Here’s HarryNinetyFour showing us where to find all six of these No Dancing Signs across the map:

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Finally, here’s a handy map alongside a handful of images which’ll show you each of these No Dancing Sign locations:

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