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Fortnite: Battle Royale – Base building design tips and ideas


How to get started with all things to do with building design!

Our Fortnite: Battle Royale Base building design tips and ideas guide contains advice on how to quickly and efficiently build structures when you’re on the offense or defense.

If there’s one thing that you’ll want to master in Fortnite: Battle Royale, it’s getting the hang of building structures in a pinch. Whenever we get eliminated by a much stronger player and spectate them, they’ve always got the ‘builder’s touch’ – a silly term we’ve just coined which effectively means someone who’s able to place a structure in a matter of seconds.

While it takes some practice to increase your building speed, getting the hang of cobbling together a structure in the heat of the moment is a key skill that’ll dramatically increase your chances of winning, and ensure you’re able to fight toe to toe with the best players.

To get you started with base building in Fortnite: Battle Royale, we’ve put together a guide that outlines some of the fastest, but most effective builds for the most common situations you’ll face in-game.

Although this is by no means a definitive guide, we do feel that the builds we’ve highlighted work great on their own, or can be expanded upon in different ways to suit the situation you happen to be in. Master these designs as part of your basic arsenal of tools, then stamp your own designs on top!

Editor’s Note #2 : Right at the bottom of this guide we’ve linked a very useful video which’ll help you with editing structures!


We’ve linked a video down below which showcases how building in Fortnite: Battle Royale can be used in so many unique ways.

Myth is one of the best players out there, and when it comes to building structures he’s easily the fastest we’ve seen. By no means are we saying that you can reach his level of building prowess instantly after reading this article, but it’s worth watching how he utilises different structures to outmaneuver and outposition his enemies in order to win the fight.

If anything, this video serves as inspiration. Forget his obvious talent for a second and focus on the fact that he’s building simple structures, albeit at an insane speed. These are structures you can build too, and it’s important that you practice building them under pressure if you want to climb the ranks.

Read on to learn about some of the most essential structures you’ll need to cobble together to win more games.

Best Basic Builds For Any Situation

Gathering Materials

Just a quick note before we get started. It’s important that you’re constantly gathering materials with your pickaxe as you explore the map. Make it a habit whenever you’ve got a quiet moment to chop down some trees, walls or other structures. This way you’ll avoid awkward moments where you’re frantically trying to build something, but don’t have the resources to do so.

Finally, make sure you’re managing material usage. Keep an eye on how much of each resource you’ve got to hand before you start building so you don’t run out mid-fight.

Panic Walls

Starting off with something really simple. This may just save your life, or give you the advantage when a fight suddenly springs out of nowhere.

By placing walls down, you can use them to absorb bullets while you’re doing a runner. Alternatively you can place them in front of you while facing an opponent to minimise damage and fake them out.

  • Situational Usage: When you’re being shot in the back running across open ground or you suddenly encounter an enemy directly ahead.
  • How To Build: Choose wood as it’s a common, disposable resource and just select the default wall option. Now place the walls in front or alternatively swivel and place them behind you.
  • Wood isn’t liable to break as easily as metal or brick when it’s first placed. This makes it a must-use resource when planting it down in a hurry.

Video by SXVXN

Panic Ramps

This is a staple in any builder’s repertoire and it involves quickly crafting a ramp that’ll give you a height advantage. You’ll be able to dip into the ramp for cover and peek over the edge when going for your shots. It’s simple and really effective!

Do be warned that it’s pretty easy to destroy, so think of it as a temporary advantage.

  • Situational Usage: When you’ve spotted an enemy in the distance or you’re preparing for an imminent fight.
  • How To Build: Plonk down wooden walls creating a wooden box, stand in the center and place a ramp leading upwards. Finish the build by placing a wall behind the ramp.

Panic Ramps V2

Following on from the build above, this is a simple build that’ll grant you a height advantage on two different sides and provides enough protection to heal or armour up when under fire.

  • Situational Usage: When you’re engaged in a duel with an enemy/enemies or want a structure to hold down a position temporarily.
  • How To Build: Create a rectangle out of walls, stand in the center and place ramps leading upwards on both sides.
  • It’s worth noting that this is easily expanded upon and you’re certainly not limited to sticking with this structure. If another situation strikes, build as you see fit!

Sniper Tower

If you want to gain some serious altitude and snipe enemies from afar, this build takes next to no time.

Just have an escape plan when building this tower. We recommend having a ramp leading down from the top, so you can quickly begin descending if people start peppering your build.

  • Situational Usage: When you want to see the surrounding area from a birds-eye view or snipe an enemy out in the far distance.
  • How To Build: Create a small box encasing yourself, stand to one side, jump and place a ramp leading upwards. Move to the highest point of this ramp, build walls, jump and place a ramp leading upwards – rinse and repeat.
  • Again, this structure can be utilised in a number of ways. Scale to a desired height, start building platforms outwards to reach previously inaccessible areas, or go about creating a zany sky fortress. The choice is yours.

More Fortnite: Battle Royale guides

The Funnel

Video by Plixxer

Think of this as Panic Ramps V3, as it’s got two different variants. The first is a basic structure that provides great cover and a decent height advantage. The second expands on this to give you a wide platform on which you and your team can survey the whole area safely.

First Build

  • Build a 2 x 2 box, stand in the center and place the pyramid/roof structure in each of the corners. It should look like a funnel that’s sucking you inwards.

Second Build

  • Build stairs protruding outwards from each of these walls and place the roof structure in between each of the gaps. This will make the funnel even larger.
  • Select walls, run along the structure you’ve just built and place them on the outside. You can do this while in the safety of the funnel, you don’t need to stand right on the outer edge of the ramps.

Editing Builds

When you’ve placed a structure like a basic wall, you can go ahead and edit it to transform it into something else. For example, you can create a doorway or turn a wall into an archway. Learn to do this fast and you can completely outplay opponents!

For a complete grounding in all the ways a structure can be edited in Fortnite: Battle Royale, we’ve embedded a video by Resume Gaming which is incredibly helpful.

Do make sure you give it a thumbs up to support the creator, as this video is an invaluable resource!

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