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Fortnite: Fly Explosives LTM guide


Everything you need to know about this explosive new LTM.

Our Fortnite Fly Explosives LTM guide contains everything you need to know about this new limited time mode.

Fortnite’s latest LTM combines the explosive joys of the High Explosives LTM with the limited time item Jetpack. Fly above your enemies and rain rockets from the sky in Fly Explosives!

As the name suggests, only Explosive weapons can be found in this mode and you’ll have a significantly increased chance of grabbing a Jetpack from floor loot. These Jetpacks have also been fine-tuned for combat with increased fuel regen rates and decreased burn rates compared to their default counterparts, meaning that players will be able to hang in the air for a little bit longer than usual.

To get to grips with the new mode, we’ve put together everything you need to know about it below. You’ll find a complete ruleset, as well as some tips and tricks to help you dominate the opposition.

Fly Explosives LTM: Overview

Here’s a quick breakdown of how this new Fly Explosives mode works.

  • Only Explosive Weapons can be found in this mode.
  • Floor Loot spawners will occasionally spawn Jetpacks.
  • Fly Explosives Jetpacks have increased fuel regen rate & decreased burn rate compared to Default Jetpacks, to keep pilots in the sky a bit longer.
  • Between-storm wait times have been reduced due to players needing less time to find adequate loot (avg. match length should be lower than 20m).
  • Rocket Ammunition capped at 120.
  • Profile Stats (K/D & Wins) are tracked in this mode.

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Fly Explosives LTM: Tips and Tricks

We’ve put together a handful of quick tips to help you get the one up on your enemies.

  • When you’re flying with the Jetpack, make sure you don’t disengage the thrusters when you’re soaring through the air at a great height. Crash landing won’t do your health bar any favours and it could even mean an insta-death!
  • Jetpacks don’t give you huge movement speed bursts. Rather, they’re actually pretty tame. With this in mind, make sure you’re pro-active when using one. Start hovering in the air just before you think a fight is going to break out so you’re ready to get above the enemy before they have time to react.
  • Use the Jetpack’s thrusters in short bursts to hover erratically in the air. This’ll make it much harder for the enemy to hit you.
  • Seeing as you’ll only be able to use Explosive weapons, try your best to predict where the enemy is going to be when firing off your shot or lobbing a grenade their way.

That concludes the first iteration of our Fly Explosives LTM guide, but we’ll be back with more strategy advice once we’ve had more of a chance to dip into the mode ourselves!

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