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Fortnite: Mounted Turret guide


Everything you need to know about the Mounted Turret.

Our Fortnite Mounted Turret guide contains rarity details, damage stats, tips for using it and information on finding the new trap.

For the first time in Fortnite’s history, there’s a weapon in the game that’s both not a technically a weapon, and one that you can physically hop into.

The new Mounted Turret is supremely powerful, and capable of shredding buildings and enemy health bars alike. Thing is, it’s not a weapon – it’s a Trap. Pop it on the ground and it’s anyone’s to use as well, so you need to be extra careful an enemy isn’t going to hop in and pepper you with bullets while you sort out your inventory.

Below we’ve put together everything you need to know about the Mounted Turret, so you can get to grips with it right away:

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What rarities is the Mounted Turret available in?

The Mounted Turret is only available as a Legendary drop, so it’s definitely one of the rarest traps in the game right now.

Any other stats for the Mounted Turret?

The Mounted Turret has an unlimited number of rounds, which is fantastic for those who want to enemies and buildings with giddy abandon. Of course, you’ll need to watch out as it does overheat if you hold down the trigger for too long.

Body shots deal 40 damage, while headshots deal 80. It’s fire rate is also pretty high and it’s surprisingly accurate too.

It’s a trap, so you’ll need to place it on the floor. Once you’ve done so, any player can jump in and take control. You can damage the turret by shooting it directly, or by destroying its structural support.

Where can you find the Mounted Turret?

You’ll find the Mounted Turret in Floor Loot, Supply Drops, Vending Machines and Supply Llamas. As a Legendary rarity trap, you’ll need to get pretty lucky to find it.

We’d highly recommend watching this video by AciDic BliTzz as it’ll give you a better idea of how powerful the new Mounted Turret actually is:

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Any Mounted Turret tips?

Here’s a handful of tips which should help you out:

  • Make sure you place the Mounted Turret on a safe surface, as if it’s destroyed, that’s the turret gone too.
  • We’d recommend firing the Mounted Turret in bursts as it’ll be less likely to overheat.
  • Don’t face enemies head on in the Mounted Turret if you’ve already been spotted – you’ll be a sitting duck otherwise.
  • The Mounted Turret is brilliant for taking enemies by surprise. Set it up at unexpected angles or within rooms to catch your opponents off guard.

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