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Fortnite: Quad Launcher guide


Everything you need to know about this Legendary launcher.

Our Fortnite Quad Launcher guide contains everything you need to know about the Quad Launcher, including details on how it works, where you can find it and more.

If you took a bog standard rocket launcher, grabbed some duck tape and wrapped another three around it, well, you’d get something like the Quad Launcher.

Initially revealed through the in-game news tab, we know the Quad Launcher was capable of blanketing an area with a flurry of explosive rockets. Upon release, this has certainly held true. It’s a bulky beast that packs one heck of a punch, but comes with some compromises too. It chews through ammo and has a very lengthy reload speed.

Below we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through how the Quad Launcher works, where you can find it and offer some video footage of it in action too.

Quad Launcher: Quick Overview

Here’s how the Quad Launcher works and where you’ll be able to find it..

  • Fires up to four lobbed rockets in quick succession. One per trigger pull.
  • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
  • 80/84 base damage per rocket.
  • 300 unit explosion radius.
  • Can be found in chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.

Tips and Tricks

  • Watch your ammo count as it’s easy to get carried away when blasting your enemies with rockets.
  • Sometimes it’s better to consider vary each rocket shot, instead of firing them all off into one area. This way you’re using the ability to fire off four rockets in quick succession much more efficiently. Fire them off at all the weak points in a structure, or try predicting an enemy’s movements with a smattering of rockets.
  • It’s best to use this weapon at medium to long range. At short range it’s a real risk, but there’s potential for multi-kills if you can successfully land hits at enemy feet.

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