Fortnite: Season 8 Week 2 Challenges guide


How to complete every challenge this week.

Our Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 Challenges guide contains a list of all the challenges available this week.

Season 8 of Fortnite is now well underway, and of course, there’s an abundance of Weekly Challenges to complete.

Get them ticked off and you’ll earn yourself a number of Battle Stars which’ll go towards levelling up your Battle Pass, and in turn, unlock plenty of cosmetic rewards.

Some of this week’s challenges aren’t particularly simple to complete, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the map. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide which lists all this week’s challenges and how to complete them.

Fortnite: Season 8 Week 2 Challenges List

Here’s a breakdown of all the challenges available for you to complete this week:


  • Stage 1: Land at The Block (1)
  • Deal damage to descending Supply Drops (200)
  • Eliminations at Salty Springs or Haunted Hills (3)

Battle Pass Exclusive

  • Stage 1: Gain health from apples (25)
  • Visit the furthest North, South, East and West points of the island (4)
  • Deal damage to opponents with a Pirate Cannon (100)
  • Search a chest in different named locations in a single match (3)

Tips and Tricks

Below we’ve put together a few pointers to help you out with some of the hidden or trickier challenges.

All “Stage” Challenge Steps

Land at The Block…

  • Stage 1: Land at The Block
  • Stage 2: Land at Dusty Divot
  • Stage 3: Land at Polar Peak
  • Stage 4: Land at Snobby Shores
  • Stage 5: Land at Paradise Palms

Consume Apples…

  • Stage 1: Consume Apples (25)
  • Stage 2: Use Campfires (50)
  • Stage 3: Use Med Kits (75)

All Furthest Point Locations

Below we’ve posted a map showing you where to find all of these spots. Make sure to head on over to our Furthest Point Locations page for a more in-depth guide.

Cheat Sheet

This Cheat Sheet by squatingdog is well worth a glance if you want help with all the rest!

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