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Fortnite: Upgrade Benches – How to upgrade your weapons


Our guide on everything to do with Fortnite: Season 2's new Upgrade mechanic.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 introduced a brand new way for you to get your guns’ power boosted – Upgrade Benches.

Upgrade Benches are a brand new addition to Fortnite: Battle Royale. Previously, you could trade in materials in return for guns, but the option to upgrade your weapons has never been offered. Thanks to the recent patch, that’s all changed.

How to upgrade your weapons

To upgrade your weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2, you’ll need to find yourself an Upgrade Bench. Below we’ll guide you through what they look like, where to find one and how they work:

Where can I find Upgrade Benches around the map?

You can find upgrade benches at most named locations and some landmarks. The first couple you find will be pointed out to you by a notice on the left side of your screen, pictured below.

We’ve been looking around for them and have had the most success looking around in built-up areas. Camp Cod was where we found our first one, and you can also find them at other locations like Lazy Lake and Frenzy Farm. Keep your eyes out for these benches wherever you go and you’ll be able to trade in resources for better guns, and check out our map locations and landmarks guide for more information on exploration.

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What does an Upgrade Bench look like?

Think work-bench, not seating-bench. To be honest, the Fortnite Upgrade Bench still looks like one of those round sinks you find at motorway service station toilets, but it’s at least going to stand out. Check out the image below for an example of what to look out for – note the light at the top to help the thing stand out.

How much material do you need to upgrade a weapon?

Each weapon tier costs a different amount of resource to upgrade. If you have a common (grey) weapon, you’ll need to spend less to bring it up to uncommon (green) than you’d have to spend upgrading an epic (purple) to a legendary (gold). We’ve listed the costs below.

  • Common (Grey) to Uncommon (Green): 50 Wood, 50 Stone, 50 Metal.
  • Uncommon (Green) to Rare (Blue): 150 Wood, 150 Stone, 150 Metal.
  • Rare (Blue) to Epic (Purple): 250 Wood, 250 Stone, 250 Metal.
  • Epic (Purple) to Legendary (Gold): 350 Wood, 350 Stone, 350 Metal.

We’ve put together a bunch more Fortnite guides for you to browse, including a page detailing how to make the most of the new fishing mechanic as well as advice on getting medals and levelling up your Battle Pass as quickly as possible.

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