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Fortnite: Week 10 Challenges guide (Season 6)


How to complete every challenge this week.

Our Fortnite Week 10 Challenges guide contains a list of all the challenges available this week, as well as a number of tips, tricks and strategy advice to help you complete them easily.

We’ve reached the final week of Season 6, which means that Season 7 is fast approaching. Of course, there’s a whole bunch of new challenges to complete before it kicks off, which are well worth cracking on with for those last minute Battle Star rewards.

This week’s selection of challenges task you with building structures, visiting three unique locations around the map, eliminating enemies with specific weapons and completing a number of vehicle timed trials.

We’ve put together a complete breakdown of all the challenges below, with some tips and tricks to completing them as well.

Fortnite: Week 10 Challenges list – Season 6

Here’s a quick overview of all the challenges in Week 10 of Season 6. Simply click on the links to get straight to advice you need!



Those are all of the challenges available in Week 10 of Fortnite Season 6, then, but how do you complete them all? Good question, and in the rest of this article we’ll go through each task one by one.

Build Structures

This one’s pretty self explanatory and simply involves building to your heart’s content. It’s something you’re likely to get done naturally as you play, but if you want to get it done quickly, go ahead and harvest as many materials as possible.

We’d recommend heading into Wailing Woods, gathering a tonne of wood and building as many random walls and platforms as possible. While it’s a tedious method, it’s the quickest way of getting this challenge done fast.

Visit a Viking Ship, a camel and a crashed Battle Bus

To complete this challenge you’ll need to visit three unique locations across Fortnite’s map.

  • Viking Ship: It’s on top of the enormous mountain southeast of Snobby Shores.
  • Camel: By the road leading southwest out of Paradise Palms.
  • Crashed Battle Bus: West of Lazy Links, just south of the pickaxe shaped mine.

Gattu’s video is well worth a watch as it showcases exactly where all of these locations can be found:

You’ll need to rack up a total of 7 looted chests between Tilted Towers and Paradise Palms.

It’s worth landing at these locations from the get-go, ignoring any enemies and sprinting to as many chests as possible before anyone else gets to them. Repeat this process over the course of a few matches and you’ll complete this challenge eventually. As frustrating as it can be, just stick with it!

Place Mounted Turrets in different matches

Again, this one is exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll need to place a Mounted Turret in three separate matches to tick off this task.

You can find them in floor loot, vending machines, supply crates and chests. So it’s very much a case of getting lucky enough to find them, and planting them down anywhere to get this done and dusted.

Land at Lazy Links (Stage 1)

This is a multi-stage challenge that tasks you with landing at Lazy Links to complete the first step. The next stages involve landing at other locations across the map – you know what to do.

  • #1 – Land at Lazy Links
  • #2 – Land at Snobby Shores
  • #3 – Land at Lucky Landing
  • #4 – Land at Lonely Lodge
  • #5 – Land at Salty Springs

Complete vehicle timed trials

For this challenge you’ll first need a vehicle. Next, you’ll need to track down three blue clock icons on the map and pass through them in your vehicle to kickstart the timed trial. Once you’ve activated the trial, a number of other spheres will appear, and you’ll need to pass through these in a set time limit.

This video by Gattu showcases all 3 locations you’ll need to complete this challenge – give it a watch!

If you’re after the fastest way to get this challenge done, our All Vehicle Timed Trial locations guide has you covered.

Stage 1: Shotgun Elimination

This final task is a multi-stage affair that’ll have you attempting to eliminate enemies with certain weapons. For the first stage you’ll need to grab a shotgun, get in some scraps and secure yourself an elimination. We’d recommend getting up close and personal as this is where shotguns shine.

As you move onto the last two stages, think about the weapons you’re using and where they’re strongest. Assault rifles are brilliant at mid to long range, while Pistols are best used at close range.

  • #1 – Shotgun Eliminations
  • #2 – Assault Rifle Elimination
  • #3 – Pistol Eliminations

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