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Fortnite: Week 5 Challenges guide (Season 5)


How to complete all Week 5's challenges.

Our Fortnite Week 5 Challenges guide contains a list of all the challenges in Week 5 of Season 5, with tips, tricks and strategy advice for completing each one and earning your Battle Star rewards.

We’ve reached Season 5’s halfway point and the challenges won’t let up. For Week 5, we’ve got some particularly tough challenges to tick off that’ll reward us with the usual array of Battle Stars to level up our passes.

There are seven challenges in total, with 3 being available to all players, and the remaining 4 exclusive to those who own the premium Battle Pass. If you’re aiming to level up your pass quickly, then it’s worth investing in the Battle Pass for the extra rewards.

For the free challenges, you’ll be searching for chests in Junk Junction, using a number of Rift Portals, and going for eliminations too.

On the Battle Pass side of things, there are a couple of challenges that aren’t exactly the easiest to complete. You’ve got to deal damage to players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb or Grenade, Hit a Hole in One from different tees, follow the treasure map found in Greasy Grove and eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts – phew.

To help you out, we’ve put together a guide that’ll take you through each challenge and provide you with some strategy advice to gettting them out of the way as quickly as possible.

Fortnite: Week 5 Challenges list – Season 5

Here’s a quick overview of all the challenges in Week 5 of Season 5. Simply click on the links to get straight to advice you need!



Those are all of the challenges available in Week 5 of Fortnite Season 5, then, but how do you complete them all? Good question, and in the rest of this article we’ll go through each task one by one.

For this challenge, you’ll need to crack open a total of 7 chests in Junk Junction over the course of as many games as it takes.

We’d highly recommend dedicated a few matches to landing here exclusively when you’ve leapt from the Battle Bus. Do your best to hit the ground fast, or even landing directly on a chest to guarantee at least one being opened.

If you want a better idea of where most of Junk Junctions chests are located, this video by Swifterrs is very helpful. Do give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing for more useful Fortnite content.

Use Rift Portals

To complete this task you need to hop into 3 Rift Portals across Fortnite’s map. If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly this entails, they’re essentially shining cracks in the environment which are randomly generated. Hop into one and you’ll be transported back into the sky so you can use your Glider to reposition or get the drop on an enemy.

We’ve put together an All Rift Portal Locations guide which contains both a map and a video showcasing all their likely locations!

Eliminate Opponents in a Single Match

As the title suggests, this one isn’t simple at all.

You can approach this one of two ways. Either go aggressive early on in the hopes you can start gathering decent gear fast and begin snowballing your advantage, or play it really safe and pick off enemies when the opportunity arises.

A patient strategy will benefit those who aren’t as confident with their combat skills as it’ll draw you into taking enemies by surprise and steer you away from dangerous, frantic fights which may not swing in your favour.

Deal damage to players with a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade

To get this one ticked off, you’ll need to find one of these three grenades and use them to deal 300 damage in total.

For Clinger’s we’d recommend using them when in close proximity to someone as it’ll be a bit easier to stick someone. Alternatively, just rain Clingers on someone’s fort and hope you deal some splash damage.

For Stink Bomb’s your best chance of dealing damage would be to flush someone out of a hiding spot, or lobbing it into an ongoing fight to catch two or more players off guard.

Normal grenades are your best bet as they’re the most versatile. Essentially, spam throw them at enemies if you get the chance. You can also pick up a little damage if you manage to knock someone down and grenade them to finish off the elimination.

Again, this is something you won’t need to rush and you’ll more than likely get this done all of sudden when you aren’t even paying attention.

Hit a Hole In One from different tees

Perhaps one of the toughest challenges in Week 5’s lineup. This one requires you to hit 5 hole in ones with the Golf Ball Toy – that’s no mean feat, especially when everyone else is either trying to do the same, or kill you.

There’s a golf course at Lazy Links, so head here to find all the tees you need.

Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores

As always, the community is one step ahead of the game and niitq has us covered.

The video we’ve linked below shows the likely location of the hidden Battle Star without all the faff of tracking down the treasure map.

  • You’ll find the Battle Star towards the North side of Haunted Hills near the main church.
  • It’ll be on top of, inside or underneath the building to the South of the church itself.

Check out our Snobby Shores Treasure Map Location guide for a full breakdown.

If you found the video helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing for more useful Fortnite content like this!

Eliminate opponents in Shifty Shafts

To get this final challenge out of the way, it’s best to apply a similar strategy to that of the Junk Junction chest opening task. Dedicate quite a few games to landing here as quickly as you can, grabbing gear before anyone else and getting aggressive while your opponents are still scrambling for loot.

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