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Fortnite: Week 6 Challenges guide (Season 7)


How to complete every challenge this week.

Our Fortnite Week 6 Season 7 Challenges guide contains a list of all the challenges available this week, as well as a number of tips to help you complete them easily.

Fortnite’s Week 6 challenges are now live, and they’ll have you rushing across the map looking for Chilly Gnomes, or attempting to slide an Ice Puck over 150m in a single throw – as you do, you know?

It’s worth all the effort required to get them done, though. You’ll receive a wealth of Battle Stars which will go towards levelling up your Battle Pass.

Below we’ve listed every Week 7 Challenge along with some quick strategy advice for each one.

Fortnite: Week 6 Challenges list – Season 7

Here’s a quick overview of all the challenges in Week 6 of Season 7. Simply click on the links to get straight to advice you need!



Those are all of the challenges available in Week 6 of Fortnite Season 7, then, but how do you complete them all? Good question, and in the rest of this article we’ll go through each task one by one.

To complete this challenge you’ll need to crack open a total of seven Ammo Boxes in different Named Locations across the map.

Named Locations count as any significant locations on the map with a name. For example, Tilted Towers, Snobby Shores and so on.

You’ll usually find Ammo Boxes tucked away in corners of houses, on cabinets and sometimes in the attic too.

Search Chilly Gnomes

For this challenge you need to locate seven pesky gnomes hidden across Fortnite’s map.

We’ve put together a Chilly Gnomes guide which takes you through all of their locations, so make sure to check it out.

Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing or Tilted Towers

This one’s pretty self explanatory and involves getting a total of three eliminations in either Lucky Landing or Tilted Towers. Be sure to land at these locations often and get on the aggressive to increase your chances of bagging those eliminations.

Stage 1: Visit Polar Peak and Tilted Towers in a single match

As the name suggests, you’ll need to visit two locations in a single match. The locations will change as you complete each stage, so prepare for some long, lonely runs across all areas the map.

Slide an Ice Puck over 150m in a single throw

First off, you need to unlock the Ice Puck Toy at Tier 28 of the Battle Pass.

Equip it, and head to the very edge of Polar Peak. Facing towards the ice lake, lob the puck downwards and it’ll glide a huge distance.

Make sure you watch this video by HarryNinetyFour as it shows you how to complete this challenge nice and quickly.

Stage 1: Deal damage with SMGs to opponents

Another staged challenge, but this time it involves dealing damage with different weapons to opponents. Get hold of the required weapon and let loose on opponents!

Deal damage with different weapons in a single match

To complete this final challenge, you need to get hold of a variety of weapons and hit enemies for 200 damage. Crack open chests, equip as many weapons as you can and get involved in some clashes.

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