Fortnite: Where to Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows locations


How to complete this Spray & Pray Prestige mission.

Our Fortnite Containers With Windows locations guide will help you complete the “Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows” mission.

Yet another Spray & Pray missions has us scouring Fortnite’s map for an obscure ‘thing’, and this time it’s chests inside containers with windows. It’s worth noting that this challenge will only appear as a Prestige mission for Battle Pass holders once you’ve prestiged the others.

To complete this challenge you’ll need to search a total of five chests inside containers with windows, with the only catch being that these chests spawn randomly. This means you might visit the same container twice across two different matches, and the chest might not appear the second time around.

However, progress does carry over between matches, so you don’t have to complete this challenge in one sitting.

There’s a total of seven containers with windows around the map and this video by Games Clips and Tips shows you where to find them all.

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All Containers With Windows locations

Here’s a handy map we put together which highlights which areas house these containers:

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