Four PUBG pro players banned from National League for cheating


Four players who qualified for the National PUBG League Preseason have been handed three year in-game bans for cheating.

An investigation by the PUBG Esports team found Christian “Cuhris” Narvaez, Liam “Liammm” Tran, Tyler “DevowR” Sti, and Mark “Tefl0n” Formaro were all guilty of using “unauthorised third party software” during public matches, and the NPL Online Qualifiers in early December.

As you’d expect, all of these players and their respective teams have since been disqualified from the NPL Preseason, and their spots will be replaced by the next four teams in the overall standings.

This certainly isn’t the first time PUBG Esports has been hit with cheating controversy, as 16 pro players were caught using a radar hack in a recent ban wave that occurred in late December.

A global penalty system is currently being put in place to combat cheating, with a minimum ban of three years and a maximum of a lifetime for players caught using third party software.

The NPL preseason is currently underway until 13 January, and the top 16 teams from this process will qualify for the official tournament series going forwards.

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