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Frost Festival guide – Hearthstone


Everything you need to know about the latest special event to hit Hearthstone.

Our Frost Festival guide contains everything you need to know about completing all of the activities in the latest Hearthstone event.

The Frost Festival is now live in Hearthstone, and it’s a three week event that should lead us pretty tidily into the promised mid-August launch of the game’s next expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne.

The focus this time around is on Hearthstone’s Arena format, a way of playing the game that we’ve found ourselves increasingly focused on as the ladder (not to mention the ladder-climbing process) has become rather stale in recent months. There’s a new Brawl as well, although this will likely only stick around for the first week of the festival.

In our Frost Festival guide we’ve not just got an overview of the event itself, we’ve also got a pile of guides that should help you get more out of the whole experience. Dip in and out of these as you tackle each part of the event, as they’ll help you either wrap up the challenge faster, or get more rewards from the time you spend here.

First up though, here’s the Frost Festival announcement trailer in case you missed it.

Frost Festival: Arena

While the Fire Festival was all about churning out huge piles of Gold from inflated quest rewards, the focus of the Frost Festival is firmly on Arena.

For each week that the event is live you’ll receive a free Arena run. In addition to this free entry ticket you’ll also receive a quest that challenges you to play 3 Arena games in exchange for a Frozen Throne card pack. You’ll be able to open these once the expansion is actually live.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been busy putting together some Arena guides which we’ll be building upon throughout the rest of 2017. If Arena’s a new area of the game for you to explore, you should find the following guides to be very useful starting points:

  • Not sure which hero to pick from the three you’ve been offered? Have a look through our updated guide to the best Arena class you can choose in the game.
  • Completely new to the format and need some help drafting a solid deck? Our core Arena guide was updated just a few weeks ago, and contains loads of helpful information.
  • You’re not just fighting for a free card pack here, and our Arena rewards list outlines what you can potentially make from each run, on top of the promotional goodies.
  • There are some cards you definitely want to grab during the drafting process. Our guide to the 7 most powerful Un’Goro Arena Legendaries is well worth keeping open while you’re working through the options.

Frost Festival: Brawl

At the time of publishing this article, Ahune’s Superior Brawl is live on the Hearthstone server. This challenge won’t last for the entirety of the Frost Festival event, but it’s well worth checking out as a very original Brawl. We won’t see it again for a long time – if at all.

In it, you’ll need to indirectly destroy your opponent by annihilating a succession of target dummies. Each one that perishes will dish out four points of damage to the owner, and this is the only way of damaging the otherwise immune enemy hero!

It’s quite a unique challenge to wrap your head around, and so we’ve put together an Ahune’s Superior Brawl guide which contains a detailed overview of the event and a few tips and tricks to help you come out on top. Do get stuck into the comments there and let us know of any other strategies you’ve found particularly useful.

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