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Frozen Throne: Best Decks – Hearthstone


All of our updated Frozen Throne deck lists and guides in one place.

On this page you’ll find the best Frozen Throne decks, along with the net’s best guides for playing them on the new ladder.

The Frozen Throne meta is now very much underway, and over the last few days we’ve been extremely busy overhauling all of our extensive deck guides with the latest information. We’ve also got a heap of new guides for you to get stuck into as well, covering every last corner of the emerging meta.

To help you stay on top of all this frenzy of activity, we wanted to put together a quick guide to the best decks that are currently seeing play on the Frozen Throne ladder. These are all of course subject to change in the next few days and weeks (and we’ll be doing an early review of recommended deck lists in the next 24 hours), so do be careful with what you choose to spend your crafting dust on!

Without further ado then, here are the latest Frozen Throne deck lists you need to know about!


The Druid has an absolute embarrassment of riches right now, although it remains to be seen which of these many decks will prove to be the most competitive – not just within the hero’s bracket of course, but in the metagame as a whole.

Ramp Druid is getting a lot of love right now, as is the surprise return of Midrange Druid. Jade Druid is still definitely a thing, although it remains to be seen whether this will be the scourge of the meta that many had predicted and were a little concerned about. Let’s see how this one shakes out.


The Hunter doesn’t have a huge number of options right now, but what does exist seems pretty powerful.

There’s a very familiar Midrange Hunter deck you can play around with, but if you want to dive really deep into the Deathrattle mechanic then there’s a version built specifically around that. Finally, it may well be that the revised Secret Hunter provides a return of aggro Hunter to the meta. At least it’ll make a change from Pirate Warrior, right?


The Mage seems to be in a bit of a funny spot at the start of the Frozen Throne meta. It’s true that reworked versions of both Secret and Contol Mage exist, but the deck lists are a little questionable in their current forms, and we’re not sure either’s got the legs for the long-game here.

The guide itself is still to be finalised, but we’ve highlighted a Freeze Mage deck list for you, along with a revised look at Elemental Mage. Expect both of these to be comprehensively overhauled in the next few days.


The Paladin’s another hero with lots of options on the table right now. The Divine Shield aggro deck seems like a strong contender for top spot, but Murloc Paladin is still looking like a thing on that front. Control and Hand Buff decks are also proving popular right now, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the deck lists for these.

We’ve got a new version of Midrange Paladin that you can view in our round-up, but the rest of the article has yet to be updated. It’ll be finished off in the next two or three days as we tidy up around the edges of all our coverage!


Highlander Priest is the deck that everyone’s talking about at the moment, although you may find it a tricky archetype to pilot if you’ve not a lot of experience with the game. Other than that you can try out Dragon Priest – which is apparently still a thing – or Control Priest. That last one’s another fiddly one to field, but old hands should cope pretty well with it.


Miracle Rogue remains the standout deck for this hero, for now at least. We’ve put together a brand new guide for playing Thief Rogue though, while there are basic updates to our Jade Rogue and Tempo Rogue pages. We’ll be fleshing those out in more detail in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for updates on that front.


If you need one Shaman deck to play this week, make it Evolve Shaman. It’s made the transition to the Frozen Throne in pretty good shape and is seeing a lot of play with the new Shaman Death Knight card in particular. As for Freeze? Despite a lot of hype it hasn’t really shown up yet, although we have got a very taunt-heavy version of the deck for you to mess around with.


Control Warlock is seeing an incredible amount of play in the early window of the expansion, but Demon and Handlock decks are looking pretty solid too. A big cheer for the return of Zoo Warlock here (well, from us at least) – Kripparian uncovered an absolutely incredible version of the deck which you simply have to try out!


Trump’s Control Warrior looked pretty good on paper and it seems to be playing out pretty well in the live game as well. There’s a refined version of Pirate Warrior to play around with as well, not to mention experiments with the Blood Warriors card, as well as Tempo and Dragon-orientated archetypes as well.

Which decks have you been finding the most success with so far? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments, so sign up and let us know what you’ve been messing around with in the early days of the Frozen Throne era.

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