Gameplay footage of a new Warzone Season 5 gun has leaked


Just Rook at these new guns.

Warzone Season 5 arrives next week and it looks like we’ve got our first look at one of its new weapons, the APC9.

Modern Warfare leaker BKTOOR has posted a couple of clips of the APC9 in action. Here’s one of them sliding around Shipment, all the way back on the 30th of May!

A more recent gameplay video shows them taking on a tango in Cheshire Park.

From the outset it looks like a full-auto weapon with a high fire rate, low recoil, and strong mobility. The ironsight’s a bit busy mind, but nothing a little red dot can’t fix.

How do we know the APC9 is arriving in Warzone Season 5? Infinity Ward dropped a teaser for the upcoming season which featured our first look at the new Shadow Company faction and its three new Operators. In a promo image, a couple of them can be seen wielding the new weapon.

Let’s take note of the Operator in the background too. Turns out he’s likely to be wielding the AN-94 Assault Rifle, rumoured to also drop alongside the APC9.

Another promo image shows all of the Operators holding a similar weapon. Judging by its appearance in previous games like Black Ops and Battlefield, we can expect either a fast-firing, low recoil, 2-round burst or full-auto Assault Rifle. Perhaps we’ll be able to switch between the two firing modes thanks to a perk or magazine attachment?

If you want to get caught up on everything that’s been revealed for Warzone Season 5 so far, make sure you head on over to our Call of Duty: Warzone – Everything we know about Season 5 page. It’s got you covered.

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