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Hand of the Gods Top Mayan (Ah Puch) decks: Best deck lists for Ranked play


Free, budget and pro Mayan deck lists for Hand of the Gods (Smite Tactics).

On this page you’ll find a round-up of the top Mayan (Ah Puch) decks for Hand of the Gods (Smite Tactics), with the best budget, free and pro deck lists.

Although our card database isn’t yet live for Hand of the Gods, we wanted to bring you a quick collection of decks that will suit those just starting out with the Mayan Pantheon, as well as those of you with a deeper card collection.

For more general information about the game, don’t forget to check out our absolutely massive Hand of the Gods guide, which contains everything you need to know about the awesome new strategy card game from Hi-Rez Studios.

When you’re finishing brushing up on the latest Mayan decks, make sure you take a look through the rest of our Pantheon deck guides as well!

Mayan (Ah Puch): Best free deck

There aren’t a lot of completely free competitive Mayan decks, but we think this one should give you a decent enough grounding in playing the Pantheon. Let us know of any other free archetypes you’re aware of in the comments and we’ll add them in in a future update.

Mayan Neutral
2 x Unholy Offering 2 x Fire Imp
2 x Hun Batz 2 x White Tiger
2 x Raise the Grave 2 x Chaos Spawn
2 x Sever 1 x Doom Speaker
2 x Chaac 2 x Elder Harpy
2 x Stone Guardian
2 x Fury
2 x Brute

Mayan (Ah Puch): Best budget deck

Here’s a low-cost deck that has you swarming the board with an endless collection of minions.

Mayan Neutral
1 x Ritual Strike 1 x Chaos Spawn
2 x Lingering Dead 1 x Gallus
1 x Barter Soul 1 x Gladiator
1 x Defiled Bounty 1 x Stone Guardian
2 x Hun Batz 1 x Nacom Warrior
2 x Blood Bond 1 x Venator
2 x Xbalanque 1 x Chieftain
2 x Raise The Grave
1 x Sever
2 x Chaac
2 x Decay

Mayan (Ah Puch):: Best Pro deck

This control-focused deck is not cheap to build by any means but it is the highest-rated Mayan deck that we’ve been able to uncover.

Mayan Neutral
2 x Ritual Strike 1 x Chaos Spawn
2 x Barter Soul 1 x Poisonous Hydra
2 x Awilix 2 x Tomb Warden
2 x Blood Bond 1 x Nacom Warrior
2 x Xbalanque 1 x Satyr Pathfinder
2 x Cabrakan 1 x Fire Giant
1 x Sever
1 x Kukulkan
2 x Decay
1 x Blight
1 x Camazotz

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