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Hearthstone deck guide: Mech Druid – May 2015 – Hearthstone


How to get the most out of May's Mech Druid.

Mech Druid’s making a bit of a comeback in the current metagame, and it’s not hard to see why. Those early-game Mechs can do a smashing job of stopping aggressive Hunter and Zoo decks from gaining board advantage, and there’s enough sturdy end-game options to see out even the most protracted of matches.

Here’s our quick guide to getting started with this very solid all-round deck.

Mech Druid strategy guide

There’s nothing fantastically complex about playing this deck out, and if you’ve even so much as dabbled with Mech Mage in the past then you’ll find this to be extremely familiar ground. In the early-game you should have no trouble fielding a mechanical minion every turn, and snowballing an increasingly bothersome threat on the board.

As a general rule you want to focus on forcing down your opponent’s health rather than trading minions, but if there’s an obvious trade to make that will keep something alive for longer, then you can forego a small amount of damage.

The ever-popular Piloted Shredder and Keeper of the Grove should keep you chugging away into the mid-game, and as the later rounds approach you can look forward to playing out Ancient of Lore to refill your hand, and Dr. Boom for a late-game showstopper. If that doesn’t get the job done, then there’s always the good old-fashioned Force of Nature / Savage Roar combo to make your opponent nice and salty.

Mech Druid Mulligan guide

Mulliganing this deck isn’t complicated at all. Simply look for a great opening curve where you can play a minion onto the board on every turn. If you get cards like Mechwarper and Annoy-o-Tron, hang onto them as they’re both fantastic for dealing with the currently popular Zoo and Aggro Hunter decks.

Mech Druid card combinations and synergies

If you want to inch your win-rate up as high as possible, you’re going to need to play out your hand extremely efficiently. Here are the most important card combinations at play in the current popular incarnation of the Mech Druid deck:

Mechwarper is obviously fantastic at letting you get your mechanical minions out earlier, but if you play it onto an empty board in the early game, expect a Mage or a Warrior to eliminate it before you see any benefit whatsoever.

– Don’t play Tinkertown Technician onto the board if you have no other Mechs in play – getting that extra Battlecry boost is vital if he’s to be of any significant use.

Savage Roar with Force of Nature is the classic finisher in this deck – once your opponent is at 14 Health, with no Taunts on the board, this play will end the game fast.

Cogmaster‘s stats ebb and flow as Mechs are added or removed to your side of the board, so it’s fine to get him out in play and then boost up later.

Savage Roar can be used on Piloted Shredder to remove a much bigger minion, yet still leave you with a minion on the board.

Mark of the Wild can be used to give even your weakest minion a lot more clout, and put up a relatively early defensive wall against an opponent’s early plays too.

More great Druid decks:

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