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Hearthstone deck guide: Season 13 Burst Shaman – April 2015 – Hearthstone


How to get the most out of this shocking powerful new Shaman deck.

The introduction of Lava Shock with Blackrock Mountain was destined to breathe new life into the popularity of Shaman, and this powerful new deck takes great advantage of the new card. Here’s a quick primer on how to get started with this spectacularly versatile new deck.

Season 13 Burst Shaman strategy guide

Reach is everything in this burst Shaman deck. You have the ability to punch far above your obvious weight at many stages of the game, and you can be sure of giving your opponent a surprise or two as the match plays out. There are spells to boost damage output, ways to unlock your Overloaded Mana crystals, and weapons that boost the damage output of your minions.

The trick when playing out this deck is to take your time on each turn! Look at all of the options in your hand and consider the most efficient way of dealing with the threats on the board, and the options you can weave. This is a deck that’s designed to control the opponent’s board effortlessly, while still leaving room to smash some worrying damage into the other Hero’s face when the opportunity presents itself.

Above all else, check and check again how close you are to lethal. Don’t waste damage clearing minions that could have been used to end the match early!

Season 13 Burst Shaman Mulligan guide

If you can control the early game, then you’re in great shape to dominate the match as you draw into more and more card options. Minions like Clockwork Gnome, Leper Gnome and Feral Spirit are useful enough, but you also need to think carefully about the cards you’ve drawn, and how they’ll work together to create a strong opening curve.

Do you need early removal of problematic minions in the current metagame? Look for something like Earth Shock to neutralise a secondary effect (ie Mechwarper). Did you get a Powermace in your opening hand? Perhaps it’s better to go looking for Mech minions specifically to get the buff. You really need to get a handful of cards that enhance each other very early on, and then build your offensive plan from there.

Season 13 Burst Shaman card combinations

This is a deck with loads of extra reach packed into it if you can make smart use of the card synergies. Here are some of the most important card combos that you need to be aware of if you’re to maximise your efficiency with this deck.

Azure Drake and Bloodmage Thalnos can be used to boost the output of any of the damage spells you have.

Lava Shock is the real secret sauce of this deck. By making room for it in your Mana curve, you can unlock any of the Mana crystals you temporarily give up through the Overload mechanic.

– Make sure you have a Mech out on the board before you spend the final charge of Powermace – you really want that powerful buff to land on something when the weapon shatters.

Rockbiter Weapon can be used on your smaller minions to help them reach further and trade up against some surprisingly powerful counterparts on the other side of the board.

– You can also get a little extra reach by applying that Rockbiter effect to your Doomhammer for a double-hit worth ten points of damage in total – not to be sniffed at by any means.

Flametongue Totem boosts any minions adjacent to it, so make sure you position it sensibly if you’re doing a lot of minion trading. You want to be able to cleanly cycle through your minions so that each one receives the buff consecutively.

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