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Hearthstone deck guide: Tesla GvG Midrange Warlock – Hearthstone


Our guide to the new mid-range Warlock deck.

Next up in our guide to the latest and greatest Hearthstone decks to emerge since the release of Goblins vs Gnomes is Tesla’s Midrange Warlock. You’ve got all the tools you need in this deck to see off those pesky aggro Warlocks and Hunters, but you’ll also have plenty of late-game danger to drive your opponent over the edge. Want to know more? Here’s how to get ahead of the pack and inch your way further up the rankings.

Tesla GvG Midrange Warlock deck guide

The purpose of this particular Warlock deck is to see off your opponent’s early game threats, before moving in for the kill towards the second half of the match. Aggro opponents will hate you for your AOE options, and yet you’ve also got access to some seriously potent minions and spells in the latter half of the game.

If you’ve played a lot of Zoo, don’t be tempted to play this deck as though it’s simply a variant of the archetype. Expert use of this deck requires expert knowledge of the current metagame, and the ability to prioritise threats accordingly. If you get off to a bad start, and you don’t have the time to master this deck, switch out to something else. Patient players will go very far with this midrange Warlock though.

Tesla GvG Midrange Warlock Mulligan guide

As usual, how you Mulligan this deck depends on the opponent you’re up against. For Zoo Warlock, Mech Mage and Hunter, look to get cards like Voidwalker, Haunted Creeper, Harvest Golem and Darkbomb. If you’re in a Handlock meta, try to get a Big Game Hunter and Spellbreaker in your hand, and push damage hard against your opponent.

If you’re up against a Shaman, try to get a Hellfire to deal with those annoying wolves, and don’t put too many minions on the board early on, as you can expect a Lightning Storm. Likewise, you should keep a Hellfire against Paladins so you can deal with those annoying minions coughed up by Muster for Battle.

Warrior’s a tough match-up all round so you might as well make an aggressive push and get your early-game minions out. Keep a good Mana curve hand so you can maintain a steady board presence against Druids, and always be wary of that Force of Nature / Savage Roar combo while you’re gleefully sacrificing health for cards.

You should keep Deathrattle minions against Priests and Rogues due to their common mass minion removal options.

Tesla GvG Midrange Warlock combos

Abusive Sergeant, Dire Wolf Alpha and Dark Iron Dwarf all allow small minions to punch upwards against tough opposing minions.

Use a Knife Juggler in combination with Imp-losion and Haunted Creeper to mess up your opponent’s side of the board.

Imp-losion also works extremely well with Dire Wolf Alpha. If you’re using them to clear down the board, watch your positioning of minions so they all get the effect.

Sylvanas Windrunner combined with Shadowflame can not only wipe out your opponent’s board, but also snag you the one minion you couldn’t quite finish off.

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