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Hearthstone player with a complete Golden collection opens 1,000 packs


Some surprising stats emerge from the mass pack-opening.

Yesterday we brought you news of a Hearthstone player who managed to complete his card card collection, and in doing so uncovered some interesting stats about what exactly it takes in terms of time and money to complete such a task.

Since then, a player posting as fnayr over on Reddit has disclosed their own stats about what exactly happens when you open 1,000 packs after achieving a complete Golden card collection.

The distinction matters as it guarantees that all cards opened subsequently are duplicates, which in turns gives us a more accurate snapshot of how much crafting dust is achieved across the entire opening process:

Here are the stats from across the entire pool of 5,000 cards:

  • Golden Legendary: 6 (0.12%)
  • Golden Epic: 16 (0.32%)
  • Golden Rare: 71 (1.4%)
  • Golden Common: 86 (1.7%)
  • Legendary: 51 (1.02%)
  • Epic: 184 (3.86%)
  • Rare: 1084 (21.68%)
  • Common: 3502 (70.04%)

Note the similarity between the rates for unlocking Golden Rare and Golden Common cards versus the differing rates for the non-Golden versions. It looks as though Blizzard really wants to encourage you to craft those elusive Golden Epic and Legendary cards to finish off your shiniest decks.

How on earth did a player with a complete Golden card collection go about getting 1,000 packs though? Arena runs says fnayr – lots and lots of Arena runs.

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