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Hearthstone Tombs of Terror – how to unlock Signature Treasures, Decks and Hero Powers


Our guide on what you'll need to accomplish in order to unlock your various powers throughout the Tombs of Terror.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how you unlock everything in the Tombs of Terror, from Signature Treasures and Decks to Hero Powers. We’ll be keeping this section updated for the upcoming weekly releases, so come back for more and feel free to visit our Tombs of Terror guide hub for walkthroughs on the Plague Lord bosses and details on each of the Signature Treasures!

How to unlock each Signature Treasure

Unlock Condition Treasure
Available from start Reno’s Lucky Hat
Finley’s Pith Helmet
Defeat 5 Bosses Reno’s Crafty Lasso
Maxwell, Mighty Steed
Elise’s Machete
Deal 50 damage to Plague Lords Reno’s Lucky Hat
Truesilver Lance
Defeat a Plague Lord Jr. Tomb Diver
Jr. Scout
Jr. Navigator
Defeat four Plague Lords Sr. Tomb Diver
Sr. Scout
Sr. Navigator
Defeat two Plague Lords Lei Flamepaw
Karl the Lost
Academic Research
Defeat three Plague Lords The Gatling Wand
Scales of Justice
Staff of Renewal

How to unlock each Hero Power


Unlock Condition Hero Power
Available from start Amateur Mage
Activate 30 Combos “Relicologist”
Deal 250 Damage Arcane Craftiness


Unlock Condition Hero Power
Available from start New “Recruits”
Summon 50 1-Health Minions Bubble Blower
Deal 250 Damage Power Up!


Unlock Condition Hero Power
Available from start Elise’s Might
Gain 100 Armor Starseeker
Cast 100 Spells Druidic Teaching

How to unlock decks


Unlock Condition Deck
Available from start Novice Spellslinger
Defeat 8 Bosses Spell Seeker
Defeat 16 Bosses Secret Traps
Defeat 24 Bosses Random Reno Deck


Unlock Condition Deck
Available from start Murloc Crusade
Defeat 8 Bosses Mighty Morphing
Defeat 16 Bosses Back in Action
Defeat 24 Bosses Random Finley Deck


Unlock Condition Deck
Available from start Healing Help
Defeat 8 Bosses Swarms
Defeat 16 Bosses Insight
Defeat 24 Bosses Random Elise Deck

That’s all we have for the moment, but we’ll keep these pages updated for the upcoming release schedule of Tombs of Terror! Check out our Tombs of Terror Guide hub for more, including Plague Lord battles and Signature Treasure tips.

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