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Hearthstone update nerfs Discover keyword


Disc-over and out.

Discover was introduced way back in the days of the original League of Explorers expansion. Given the League’s characters’ return to the forefront of Hearthstone with the Saviors of Uldum expansion, it seems fitting that the keyword would be changed upon their return.

Discover allows you to choose one card or effect from three options. Notably strong cards that have this effect include Stonehill Defender and Omega Assembly.

Cards that have the discover keyword used to apply a ‘class bonus’, which would make you far more likely to Discover a card from the class you were playing. This made cards like Stonehill Defender much more likely to find strong class cards like Sunkeeper Tarim in Paladin, as well as Frightened Flunky having a similar effect on Control Warrior during the current meta.

Effectively, this change is an indirect nerf to most Discover cards and effects, including the aforementioned Frightened Flunky and Omega Assembly, as well as Dr. Boom, Mad Genius’ ‘Discover a Mech’ Hero Power. Control Warrior has been hit pretty hard by this change then, as the deck often relied on constantly discovering Omega Devastators and Tomb Wardens to grind out opponents and kill literally all of their minions. Now, a bunch of far weaker options will be available to them.

Obviously, this won’t make a difference to cards like Magic Trick or Secret Plan, as there were no neutral cards available in those Discover pools, but it’s an interesting change for the future, and Blizzard will hope they can expand their design options without running the risk of unbalancing the game.

The patch also made changes to Elise the Enlightened, who will now duplicate cards from the left to right as they sit in your hand, rather than randomly. This will allow for more predictability and help players looking to set up Elise combos plan more effectively.

There has also been a couple of bug fixes to interactions between Hero Powers and Mindbreaker, as well as the reveal of new card backs earned by completing Tombs of Terror on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Next season’s card back has been revealed too, which can be earned by winning 5 games in ranked mode.

You can read the full patch notes here, including extra information about Hearthstone’s Smart Deck Builder being implemented into Wild format.

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