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Hearthstone: Wildfest guide


Everything you need to know about the new event that's heading to Hearthstone.

Our Hearthstone Wildfest guide details everything we currently know about the next in-game event.

A new event will go live with the release of Patch 10.2 for Hearthstone, and it goes by the name of Wildfest!

As you’ve probably guessed from the name alone, Wildfest is a celebration of all things to do with the Wild side of Hearthstone. In that area of the game you are free to make use of any cards from Hearthstone’s lengthy history, rather than be constrained by the current rotation of card sets in Standard.

There are a number of different elements to Wildfest, touching on many aspects of the game. In the first edition of this guide we’ve got a breakdown of what to expect when the new content goes live. We’ll be adding to this article over time as new information is confirmed by Blizzard.

We’re also in the process of building out guides to all of the individual parts of the Wildfest celebrations, and we’ll make sure you can access them all from this very page.

UPDATE #1 – It looks as though at least one element of Wildfest has already gone live, although there’s no in-game fanfare to let you know things have kicked off. At the time of publishing this updated article though, Arena is now Wild!

Without further ado, here’s what you can expect when Wildfest goes live a little later on this month:

Arena – For as long as the Wildfest event is active, all cards will be available to draft in Arena. That means every single card, from each and every set, including Classic cards that have been banished to the Hall of Fame. The costs remain the same and there are no free entry tickets this time around.

Our Wild Arena guide has more detail on this limited-time version of the mode.

Venture into the Wild – This is a brand new Tavern Brawl that will see players choosing from a selection of pre-made Wild decks and then do battle with one another. It’s a one-match affair, just as you’d expect from the typcial weekly Brawl. You’ll also get a Classic card pack for winning your first match.

Our Venture into the Wild guide is now live on the site and contains the first details of the decks you’ll be able to pilot in this week’s Brawl!

The Wild Brawliseum – There’ll be another special Brawl while Wildfest is live. In The Wild Brawliseum your job will be to build a deck, lock it in, and then see how many wins you can achieve while using it.

As with Arena you’ll be able to hit a maximum of 12 wins, but losing three matches will eliminate you from the run. Although your first attempt will be free, subsequent runs will cost the same as a standard Arena ticket. The reward structure for the Wild Brawliseum is identical to that used in Arena.

Head over to our Wild Brawliseum guide page for the complete lowdown on this event. We’ll be adding in recommended deck lists once the new event is live in-game.

Wildfest will run from February 19th until March 11th. Exact start times have yet to be confirmed, but we’ll update this article as soon as we know more.

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