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Heroes of the Storm: Haunted Mines guide


How to gain the upper hand in the Haunted Mines.

Ah, the Haunted Mines. On paper this is such a simple battleground to master, yet in practice it can be so hard to convince people of the importance of ditching lanes and getting stuck into battle in the Mines. If you can get your team working together, however, it can be remarkably easy to seize the initiative against the other team, and start snowballing an almost unstoppable threat.

You can use the time at the start of each match to lay down a simple strategy for your team mates to – hopefully – follow, but what’s the best approach? Here’s everything you need to know about mastering the Haunted Mines.

Haunted Mines strategy guide

There are just two lanes on this map, as well as a Haunted Mine complex which opens up periodically throughout the match. When the Mines open, players race to gather skulls from the creatures inside, but there are only 100 to grab in total. Once they’ve all been gathered up, a deadly Golem spawns in each team’s base, and the team that grabbed the most skulls gets the most powerful beast.

This summoned character than charges down the nearest lane, battering anything it comes into contact with. When the next round of skull-harvesting begins, the Golem will respawn from wherever it fell in battle. The further you can get your Golem to push relative to its opposite number, the greater the chance you have of crushing the enemy’s Core first.

Haunted Mines Tips And Tricks

– Work out the spawning location of your Golem, and prioritise controlling the appropriate lane. If the bone pile is located nearest the top lane, that’s the path it will charge down. Have four of your team focus on that lane, while the remaining team member does the best job they can with the bottom lane. The team of four should focus on pushing their lane as hard as possible, while the stickiest solo-er in your group should simply attempt to minimise the team’s progress – and definitely not die…

– When the Mines open after a couple of minutes, everyone should head inside them immediately and start farming the two central packs of NPC creatures on the left-hand side – the density of mobs here is better than elsewhere. If you’re overwhelmed by the other team who have got the same idea, don’t die for nothing! Simply head to another section of the map and prioritise grabbing what you can.

– It is not correct to focus everyone on the enemy Golem as soon as it spawns, however logical it may seem. Instead, the four players who worked together as a team before should assist their Golem, and let the solo player continue trying to hold down the fort.

– The important of seizing the initiative in the Mines cannot be overstated. As soon as they open up again, get inside there and start gathering skulls as quickly as you can. If you can keep snowballing your threat, you’ll be in a great position to win the match, but the other team can easily bounce back if you don’t keep your eye on the ball.

– You can steal skulls from the opposite team if you can get to them first. You should of course exercise extreme caution here and avoid dying. You’re much more useful alive and hitting monsters of your own than denying the enemy their own spoils!


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