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Heroes of the Storm: HotS: Battlefield of Eternity guide – October 2015


Our essential guide to emerging victorious from the Diablo-themed map.

Diablo fans will no doubt have been pleased as punch to see the Battlefield of Eternity map added to the roster of battlegrounds in Heroes of the Storm, and it’s a very different proposition to anything that’s come before it in the game.

There are just two lanes in this particular map, but it’s what happens in the centre of the zone that gives the arena its real bite. Here you’ll find two Immortal characters doing battle with one another throughout the match, and if you can keep your team’s champion alive while beating down the opponents’ own behemoth, you’ll give yourselves a distinct advantage on your march to victory.

Battlefield of Eternity strategy guide

Once each battle begins, the Immortals themselves will descend onto the battlefield and prepare to get stuck into one another. It’s generally accepted that a good defense is the best offense early on, so focus on keeping your own Immortal alive, while picking off the other team as and when the opportunity presents itself.

Once the enemy Heroes are out of the picture, you have more breathing space to start tackling the enemy Immortal and push their health down to zero nice and fast. It goes without saying that staying alive yourself in this stage of the fight is absolutely critical if you’re to avoid handing the advantage to the other team, so don’t get cocky.

Why does it matter that you win this encounter? Well, once an Immortal on one side dies, its counterpart has any remaining health converted into a handy shield. The supernatural creature will then charge up the top or bottom lane – depending on which lane currently has more fortifications – dishing out as much damage as it can before it’s taken out by the enemy forces.

When this assault begins, you’ve got a couple of choices. Either you can assist your Immortal in its rampage or – more profitably – focus on the other lane as a united team, and put your opponents under even more pressure. Keep one player with your Immortal as it bashes away though, so you still soak up all the bonus experience.

Battlefield of Eternity Mercenary Camps

There are two types of Mercenaries to consider on this particular battlefield: Fallen Shaman and Khazra. The former will summon hounds for the fight, and re-summon any that are killed. For this reason, make sure you prioritise killing the Shaman itself if the opposing team manages to trigger the camp. Khazra are fairly unremarkable ranged Mercenaries who attack in groups of three.

Battlefield of Eternity tips

– Make sure your team know to assemble and move to the central combat arena when the timer’s about to reach the start of the showdown. Too many teams simply charge to the middle at the start of a match and wait, when they could be hoovering up precious experience points with a little light laning whle they kill time.

– If the opposing team really don’t seem to care about engaging with the battle between the Immortals, or seem oblivious to the optimal strategy, you can take a more offensive approach to taking down the enemy Immortal from the very beginning.

– If it’s later on in the game, consider grabbing some Mercenary Camps while the enemy deals with your charging Immortal. Fallen Shaman camps are particularly useful here, as any dogs killed will be re-summoned by their master, and teams are often terrible at prioritising the summoner! These bonus fighting forces will simply pile pressure upon pressure until your opponents are – hopefully – overwhelmed altogether and you can claim victory!

– If you have the opportunity to grab a Mercenary Camp 30 or so seconds before the Immortal battle begins, your team will be forced to either partially defend against the additionaly threat, or suffer additional defensive losses.

– If you have an extremely durable – not to mention experienced – defensive character on your team, consider having them defend your Immortal solo during the opening fight. This will leave your team free to push the top and bottom lanes and soak up some amazing bonus experience. This strategy is not recommended for beginners, however.


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