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How to catch a snapping turtle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


How to get your hands on a Snapping Turtle, the coolest boi in Animal Crossing.

Snapping Turtles can be lovely pets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here’s how to find one!

These cute pals can be placed around your island and sit there looking cool and chilling. They can be tough to get hold of though – here’s how to make it happen!

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How to catch a snapping turtle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Snapping Turtle is far from common, but with a little perseverence you’ll be able to get your hands on it.

You’ll find the snapping turtle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the river. It’ll show up all over the stream, clifftop of not, but you might need to run up and down the water to get it to spawn.

When and where does the snapping turtle spawn?

In the Northern Hemisphere, snapping turtles show up in the river after 9pm and before 4am, between April and October.

In the Southern Hemisphere, snapping turtles show up in the river after 9pm and before 4am, between October and April.

It’s a late-night fish then – don’t bother if you’re playing during the daytime. If the snapping turtle doesn’t spawn at this time of year for you, you might want to head to a foreign player’s island. Remember though, it’s calculated by local time, so post-9pm for you might not be the case on the opposite side of the world.

Of course, this fish isn’t common so you might end up taking a while – read on for advice on making them appear more often.

The shadow you’re looking for is a reasonably large one – if you’ve caught a sea bass before (pretty likely), it’s that size. Unfortunately, this makes it pretty indistinguishable from a black bass, but keep casting your rod regardless.

We’ve got more fish catching guides for you if you’re looking to fill out your Critterpedia:

How to get a snapping turtle to appear

Crafting fish bait will make finding your snapping turtle far easier. Get a shovel crafted and go for it.

Dig up manila clams over on your beach. They can be found by their little water spouts coming up from the sand – just equip your shovel and dig them up! They’ll keep appearing as long as you jog up and down your coastline a bit.

Each manila clam can be made into one fish bait at a DIY crafting bench – you’ll want as many as you can get your hands on.

Of course, given the snapping turtle pops up in the river, you could feasibly just run up and down the stream, grabbing your rod whenever a big shadow comes through.

Well done! You’ve caught yourself a snapping turtle! Now go get another one, it needs a friend to hang out with.

We’ve got all sorts of other Animal Crossing guides if you’re after them too. Check out our advice on profiting from turnips and the Stalk Market, as well as help on how to unlock terraforming.

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