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How to hack enemy equipment in Modern Warfare and Warzone


Hacker's Delight.

Claymores, Proximity Mines and even Field Upgrades and Killstreaks can be seen through walls with the Spotter perk, but it also lets you hack explosives to make them work in your favour.

Spotter is one of the less popular perks in Modern Warfare and Warzone, but it has its place, especially if you come up against campy or tactical players looking to claim zones of the map as their own.

How to hack enemy equipment in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Spotter, a tier 3 (yellow) perk unlocked at level 38, can be put on any loadout you want in both Multiplayer and Warzone. It allows you to see enemy Field Upgrades like Trophy Systems and Recon Drones, Killstreaks like VTOLs through walls. In addition, you can see enemy lethal equipment through the wall too, and tag everything you see by aiming down your sights at it. This’ll let your teammates see the kit too.

Below is a list of the equipment and upgrades you can hack with Spotter enabled:

  • Claymores
  • C4
  • Proximite Mines
  • Trophy Systems

Of course, you’ll have to be careful around these. For example, the enemy can detonate a C4 whenever they want, so getting too close to it will often be a death sentence. Claymores and Proximity Mines are easier to hack though – just keep your distance and you can lure an enemy into their own trap.

To hack a piece of equipment on PS4, hold the Square button when the prompt comes up. On Xbox, hold the X button. It’ll take a couple of seconds, but then the equipment will be friendly.

Now the enemy equipment is out of the way, why not sort your own loadouts out? We’ve got a page showing the best Warzone loadouts for all the gun classes, as well as the best guns in Modern Warfare as a whole.

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