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How to land faster in Warzone


Chute to kill.

To land faster in Warzone you need to get your parachuting game up to scratch. In this guide we’ll explain how to land faster at both short distances and long distances.

Landing before your opponents in Warzone is incredibly valuable, as you’ll be able to sweep up all the loot before them and get aggressive straight away. If you’re late to the scene, it can often spell disaster. No one likes landing late, finding zero guns, and getting sprayed down by a squad seconds later.

Below we’ve broken down how to land faster in Warzone by deploying and redeploying your parachute at the right time.

How to land faster in Warzone

Here’s how to get on the ground that little bit faster than the rest.

Short Distances

At short distances it’s not too tricky, just try and drop at an angle that’ll enable you to glide to your chosen spot, as opposed to pindropping directly on your marker.

Pindropping might seem great at first, but you’ll end up awkwardly gliding above your chosen spot for a while and having to readjust. If you opt to pull your parachute out a little way from your location instead, you can glide in really fast and it’ll make it easier to steer in the right direction.

Long Distances

If you’ve chosen a location which is pretty far away, we’d recommend the old deploy-cut-deploy strategy.

When you cut your parachute in the air, you’ll actually get a horizontal boost, the equivalent of a rush of air pushing your forwards. So, if you deploy, cut and redeploy fairly frequently on your way down, you not only boost how far you can get, but you’ll land much, much faster than steering your parachute slowly to your location.

When cutting and redeploying, make sure you keep an eye on the meter to the right of the screen so you don’t hit the ground too early. Also, when cutting, you’ll get a burst of momentum for a couple of seconds, so let yourself fall for a bit, then redeploy – don’t spam it too fast.

After Redeploys and Building Jumps

This is personal preference, but we’ve found disabling “Parachute Auto-Deploy” in the settings has really helped us land faster. This’ll stop the game from auto-deploying the parachute at a certain altitude so you can deploy it at the last minute for quick, calculated landings.

It also has one other brilliant benefit. When you’re redeployed, or if you jump off the top of a building, the parachute won’t auto-deploy straight away. This gives you the freedom to start instantly dropping if you want to land super fast, rather than lose that momentum right off the bat.

Why not have a gander at our Best Guns page for a quick overview of the best bullet spitters. If you’re after a bit more on the movement side, our How to slide cancel page is well worth a look too.

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