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How to make money from CJ in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Here's how to tackle his challenge.

CJ is a beaver who loves streaming fishing antics to his followers, and luck has it, he’s really keen to set you challenges and purchase fish off you for high prices. We’ll explain how to find him and what activities you’ll unlock by doing so.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find CJ the beaver wandering around your island. He’s an angling addict who loves streaming his fishing exploits to his fans. And he really wants to get you involved!

Speak to him and he’ll set you fishing challenges, and he’s also the source of some pretty lovely cosmetic items too – but you’ll have to put the work in if you want to get them. What’s more, sell him fish and he’ll purchase them for a much higher price than the Nooks.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – CJ

It’s entirely random when CJ will come visit your island, but we’ve found there is at least a certain trigger to initiate the possibility of him even spawning.

How to find CJ

We’d upgraded our Resident Services to the Town Hall, got the Visitor’s Tent set up, had another four villagers living on our island (a total of six if you include your starting two), and are currently progressing towards a K.K Slider visit. More activities are beginning to form, and villagers are certainly getting a little more comfortable on the island, so perhaps it’ll take a little while for CJ to visit for you too.

A word of warning, though! He didn’t linger around our Town Hall or anywhere near other villagers. In fact, he was roaming around a pretty secluded area of our island, so make sure you scan everything to ensure you’ve not missed him.

CJ is very much the fishing counterpart of Flick, and will stick around until 5am the following day. That’s plenty of time to crack on with what he’s got to offer.

Speak to CJ and you’ll have three options:

  • Take on a fishing challenge.
  • Give him three of the same fish (more on this below).
  • Sell fish.

We’ve got more unique visitor guides down below if you want to say hello to them all:

CJ’s fishing challenge

Accept his fishing challenge and you’ll be tasked with catching three similar sized fish in a row. This means you can’t mess up the reeling part, and you’ll have to judge fish by their silhouettes. Complete this task successfully and you’ll be rewarded handsomely!

Build up enough of a rapport with CJ and eventually he’ll appear for the Fishing Tourney event, in which case you’ll spot him in the plaza outside your Town Hall.

CJ’s fish sculptures

Next up, CJ’s mate can make lovely realistic fish models, but you’ll need to give him three of the same fish. Do so and he’ll take them off you and deliver the sculpture to you free of charge the next day. With this in mind, it’s worth hoarding three of your favourite fish if there’s a particular model you’re after.

Sell fish to CJ

Finally, CJ will take fish off you for 1.5x the price of other vendors on your island. So it’s worth going on a bit of fishing spree if you want to make some big bucks fast.

We’ve got an absolute bucketload of Animal Crossing New Horizons guides on our site. We’d highly recommend having a glance at our How to unlock the Town Hall page and our Daily Checklist guide as these will really help you out!

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