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How to quit a mission in Nioh 2


Sometimes, it's best to call it a day – here's how.

Quitting a mission in Nioh 2 isn’t immediately obvious. In this guide we will explain how to quit a mission with, or without a penalty.

In practically any other game, quitting a mission isn’t often too difficult. It’s usually a case of opening up an in-game menu, scrolling down a bit, and pressing a button. Well, in Nioh 2 this isn’t how it works. In fact, the game doesn’t make it obvious how to quit a mission at all. And this can be very frustrating if you quickly come to realise you may be stuck in a mission that’s a bit beyond your level.

Well, fear no more! In this guide we’ll explain how to quit a mission using a unique item or two.

How to quit a mission in Nioh 2

To quit a mission in Nioh 2, you can use either a Divine Branch Fragment or a Divine Branch, but one presents a much better deal than the other.

What does a Divine Branch Fragment do?

The Divine Branch Fragment is obtained at the start of the game and is an item which is not consumed on use. However, choose to use it and you’ll forfeit all of your Amrita to quit the mission.

”A splinter of a sacred tree used as a holy vessel in religious rituals. Uses up all of your Amrita, but allows you to quit a mission and return to the starting point.”

Remember, this item is infinite use, so there’s always a way to quit a mission if you’re really struggling.

What does a Divine Branch do?

Your other option is getting hold of a Divine Branch which allows you to quit a mission and return to your starting point without losing any Amrita. This is a rare item that can be found as loot in missions, or earned from mission rewards. Unfortunately it can’t be purchased from vendors.

There is no downside to using the Divine Branch to quit a mission, apart from the fact it’ll be used up when consumed.

”Allows you to quit a mission and return to your starting point without losing any Amrita. Harvested from a sacred tree and imbued with divine power, these branches are commonly used in religious rituals.”

As soon as we’ve spent some proper quality time with the game, we’ll update this page with ways to farm Divine Branches. Stay tuned!

How do I use Divine Branch Fragments and Divine Branches?

To use these items, head into your character menu and scroll to your Usable Items tab. From here, scroll down until you see one of these items and use it as you normally would.

It goes without saying, but try and avoid using Divine Branches too often as they are in limited supply (at least, when you first play through the campaign). Make sure you carefully consider the level of each mission before committing. Sometimes, it’s better to replay an earlier mission to increase your power and gear if you find you’re not quite strong enough.

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That’s it for this guide on how to quit a mission in Nioh 2, but make sure you have a look at some of the pages we’ve linked above if you’re struggling with anything else!

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