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How to ‘tap revive’ in Warzone


Self Revive, but with the help of an ally.

If you’ve got a Self Revive and a teammate nearby, you can call for a quick tap revive to get you back in the fight. It’s a way of using your Self Revive without actually consuming it, and speeding up the revive process for your teammate. In this guide we’ll explain how to perform it.

If you’re the proud owner of a Self Revive kit and you’ve been downed, don’t instantly pop it unless you’re certain your teammate can’t come over and ‘tap revive’ you.

Here’s what we mean.

How to Tap Revive in Warzone

First off, you need to be playing with any number of teammates otherwise this isn’t going to work.

Next, you’ll need to purchase a Self Revive kit from a Buy Station for the ample sum of $4,500. It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth picking one up if you’ve got cash spare.

Now you’ve got a Self Revive, you’re all set for a lovely little ‘tap revive’.

If you get downed, it allows your teammate to revive you incredibly quickly – literally a quick tap of the revive button – so long as you almost fill the Self Revive Kit’s bar. Plus, it won’t use up your Self Revive kit in the process.

So, as soon as you go down, try and get yourself in a safe spot, weigh up if your teammate can get to you, and use your Self Revive until the circle is almost full. Hopefully then your ally will be able to hop over, press revive, fill up the rest of the bar and get you up in an instant. Glorious.

For more neat Warzone tricks, our How to slide cancel guide will up your movement game significantly. Do make sure you check out our Call of Duty section, we’ve got so many more helpful tips there!

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