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How to Tech in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Our comprehensive guide to breaking your fall.

Here’s our guide to how to tech in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Teching is a vital skill for improving your gameplay and results.

What is Teching in Smash Ultimate?

Teching allows a player to avoid bouncing off of surfaces after being hit. Officially, it’s called a ‘Fall Break’, and lets you take action far more quickly than you otherwise would have been able to after being hit.

There are different types of tech, and it’s one of the first things you should learn when you’re looking to improve as a beginner.

How do you Tech in Smash Ultimate?

It’s simple. When you’re in a tumble animation, such as after you’re hit with an attack, press the Shield button (the left or right triggers by default) just before you hit a surface. This can stop you getting punished further through your vulnerability frames after being knocked onto the ground, and allow you to avoid getting launched a great distance.

The window for inputting the Shield button is 11 frames before impact. You’ll be able to buffer the tech (input the Shield button ahead of time) during hitlag too, provided you’re within the 11 frame window, and it’s possible to tech whilst already touching walls and ceilings.

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What kinds of Techs are there?

There are numerous ways to tech in Smash Ultimate. They’re all pretty much the same in execution though, so just remember – press the Shield button before impact.

Grounded Tech

You can tech on the ground after being hit by a move to make your character get up far more quickly.

This avoids vulnerability suffered after a character is grounded, and stops your opponent pulling off further combos or jab-locks. You can input a direction at the same time as the Shield button to roll while you tech. Here’s how it looks:

Wall/Ceiling Tech

These techs let you stop yourself from being launched a long old way off of a surface. The premise is simple once again – just hit Shield within the 11 frame window before your character smacks against the wall or ceiling.

This is incredibly important when you’re in an edgeguard situation. Keep an eye out for stage spikes, when your enemy attempts to hit you upwards against the stage and you get launched off the bottom of the stage downwards into the blast zone. These can usually be teched, so always be wary of the possibility.

If you’ve taken enough damage, however, you won’t be able to tech some impacts. This can be seen with a bright red flair when you hit the surface. Check out an example of a successful and unsuccessful wall-tech below.

That’s all for our guide on how to tech in Smash Ultimate! We’ve got more helpful tips to get you better at the game though, including a crash course on fast falling and b-reversing.

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