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How to unlock Officer D.Va and Oni on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – Overwatch


A quick guide to getting all of the new goodies onto your console.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is a pretty dramatic undertaking on Blizzard’s part, one that’s designed to reinvent the game’s progression and reward systems, and also breathe a little extra life into the game’s long-term fortunes at the same time.

As part of this re-launch there are a number of cosmetic rewards you can unlock for your characters in Overwatch, and just by playing a number of matches of Heroes of the Storm. The goodies on offer are the previously released Genji Oni skin, an Officer D.Va skin and a total of ten Loot Boxes to open, free of charge. There are some associated skins and player icons to obtain as well.

The thing is, Heroes of the Storm is a PC-only game, so how can you unlock them for your Xbox One or PlayStation 4? The good news is that the same process that allowed console gamers to grab Oni last year, also works this time around.

In our guide to unlocking Officer D.Va and Oni on consoles, we’ll explain exactly how to do it.

Creating a account

Your first job is to go and create a account, assuming you don’t already have one.. Head to either the US or EU site to create one.

Once you’ve registed, log into the site and then access Account Settings by clicking on your username.

In Account Settings, go to Security Options, hit Connect, and you’ll be prompted to link up your PSN or Xbox Live accounts.

Installing and playing Heroes of the Storm

Next, you’ll need a PC capable of running Heroes of the Storm. This shouldn’t be too tricky at all, as it’s a pretty forgiving game when it’s run on low settings.

Download the Desktop Launcher, install it, then run it.

On the left you’ll see an icon for Heroes of the Storm. Simply click on it to begin the game’s installation process.

To unlock the actual skins, you’ll need to complete a certain number of matches during specific time windows of the relaunch. Read on for details of what’s available, and when, and what you’ll have to do to unlock the items!

More Nexus Challenge 2.0 guides:

Unlocking Oni Genji on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

To get Oni Genji on your console, you’ll need to play a total of five PC games of Heroes of the Storm. This quest is unlocked now and is available to complete until Sunday 21st May. Note that any other live quests won’t be accessible until you finish this first one.

The games can be played in AI, Versus, Ranked or Unranked modes, but crucially you must queue up for each game while in a party with someone in your friends list. If you’re not in a group, you won’t make any progress against your five matches. Shout in the comments if you need people to group up with!

If you want to get these matches cleared fast, we recommend queuing up for an AI match with easy AI opponents. Even a team of new players should be able to steamroll the AI in pretty short order.

Unlocking Officer D.Va on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The quest for the Officer D.Va skins unlocks in Week 2 of the promotion, which runs from 1st May. Again, you need to complete five matches in Heroes of the Storm with a friend.

Unlocking Officer D.Va spray and icon on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Week 3 of the Nexus Challenge 2.0 begins on 8th May, and if you finish up your matches in this time period you’ll receive an exclusive D.Va spray and icon.

Getting 10 free Loot Boxes on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The promotion wraps up in Week 4, which starts on 15th May. Finish your five matches in this period of time, and you’ll receive ten free Overwatch Loot Boxes completely free of charge!

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